Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013- Post Fireworks

We spent the evening at home as is our usual New Year's tradition. We are a family of homebodies. However, we are lucky enough to live close enough to several resorts.This means we get to see lots of fireworks for big celebrations.
This year, I attempted to use my new tripod. Sadly, it's a bit too short to see over the balcony railing. I ended up holding my camera up, leaning against a wall for support and holding my breath. To be safe, I used the fireworks setting. The resulting photos have been deemed very worthy of adorning a scrapbook layout.

Once again, we saw new types of fireworks that we had never seen before.

At times the skies were filled with gold.

Other times, the fireworks were almost directly overhead. That little dark triangle in the lower left corner is part of our roof line.

At times, the camera did interesting and beautiful things with the fireworks. I neither know nor care if they are supposed to look this way in a photograph.

Right now, at this moment, I am grateful for sharing the beginning of another year with my husband and son.

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