Thursday, January 17, 2013

Under Inspection: Using Black on a Layout

My grandmother loathed the color black. It was, to her, a color that represented death or darkness. It belonged with Halloween or funerals, and therefore, with the exception of a black tie affair, was not to be used. On the other hand, I like black. It's a color full of mystery and it pairs well with bright colors. It's formal nature keeps them from getting a little wild and otherwise, out of control. Use black with neon colors or bold brights for daring color palettes full of energy!

Marvel Heroes Popping Candy by Christy Strickler Supplies| Cardstock: Colorbok; Embossing folder: Lifestyle Crafts; Brads: Basic Grey;Die cuts: SEI; Other: Candy wrappers, sculpting wire, electrical tape, vellum, sequins

When I created this layout, I initially struggled with my choice of background papers. I wanted to use the red, blue and yellow from the pop rocks candy wrapper, but I found them too bright on a white background. Using black as my canvas allowed me to add in metallic elements. The black sort of counters the bright shiny surfaces while at the same time, it makes them pop out.

When choosing colors for a layout, let the colors help support your story. Being aware of the feelings and moods a color can evoke will allow your story to have a stronger statement. Color can be subtle or it can be right there in your face. Regard it as a tool in determining how the design of your page will develop.

For more inspiration using the color black, check out my Back in Black Vision board on Pinterest.

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  1. The Black really makes a great background for your page, Christy!! I love the way it makes the Red, Blue, and Yellow pop. I still struggle using it as a full background, but I love using it as an accent color, because of the great graphic feel it brings to page!