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The DigiScrap Geek Podcast- Documenting December Episode 44

I think the last time I caught up with an episode of the DigiScrap Geek Podcast was prior to my international move.( For anyone popping into the blog for the first time...I just moved to the UAE and it's awesome!) Initially, we had planned for my move to happen sometime in August and the podcast took a break. We thought everyone needed one and I was sure I would get moved, get settled and back on track. That just didn't happen. One thing led to another and the move was delayed quite a bit. Suffice it to say, there is a lot paperwork to do properly ( mostly in regard to flying three cats into several countries).In the end, everything lined up for us to go during the last week of October.

 I am still settling in a bit and hope to be in my new apartment soon. Meanwhile, I had a great time recording the latest episode for the DigiScrap Geek Podcast from a hotel room. It was so nice to hear the voices of my fellow co-hosts. We had a hard time breaking away from idle chit chat in order to get the show recorded. We did meet and work on some show ideas and yes...there is another show to be edited.

What we also did not count on were technical difficulties. This led us to make a quick decision. We could wait and continue to try to work things out so that we can post to our normal podcast hosting sites/apps. OR, we could post the show in audio format to the Digiscrap Geek Blog for you to listen to. We opted to go ahead and post. Why make you wait? Especially since the material is somewhat time sensitive.You can listen to the episode here on the DSG website.

We talked about our plans for documenting December. I tend to take a casual approach which works well for me. I wrote a little about my thoughts on documenting December in my December Daily Reality Check for 2015. I go into more detail during the podcast.

How will I document my December?

I am an Alumni of Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle. I will be using some of her prompts this year, once again. Last year, she added videos in each day. They were short and enjoyable to watch.I am looking forward to those prompts again this year.

I was also happy to see that Get It Scrapped had added additional material to the Your December Story Class. This class was the one and only time I ever managed to complete a full December Documented style project. I will be using materials from this class once again. ( I do talk about Get It Scrapped a lot because I love them and the community so much. Just an FYI, I am a design team member and an affiliate.) Would you like to know more about the Your December Story Class?
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Since I have made a HUGE life change this year, I don't foresee myself spending money on holiday scrapbooking papers. On the off chance that I get a little money to spend, I did make a little wishlist. Remember, to check your stash of supplies first and to keep in mind that holiday sales might be just around the corner. IF you just can't wait and you suddenly feel the urge to buy Christmas scrapbook stuff, you are welcome to use the links from some of my affiliates( In fact, I really appreciate it when you do!).

Holiday scrapbook supplies wishlist:

View blog post for supplies
How will you be documenting your December?

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Planner Resource Round Up and True Scrap Planner Love Replays

It was just a few weeks ago that I was sitting at home (back in the Bahamas) enjoying True Scrap Planner love.I had a great time and was able to augment my planner skills a bit. I must say that I enjoy stamping and playing in my Erin Condren planner even if it is meant for website business. I know that I want to go back and watch some of the True Scrap Planner Love replays. I found many of the classes to be quite helpful.

 If you missed True Scrap Planner love, you're in luck. The replays are now available for purchase. I also wanted to share some of my planner posts with you...just in case you missed those( or if you are planner obsessed like me and just want to look at anything planner related).

                                How to make DIY Bookmark for Erin Condren Planner

This post includes a video tour of my Erin Condren Planner.

The live event might be over, but you can still enjoy True Scrap Planner Love!
Class Replays are now available! 
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Use code SAVE50 to get the bundle of six classes for ONLY $29

 (that's a HUGE savings of 75%!) 

Sale ends on November 6th.

 Feel free to post links to your favorite planner resources in the comments below (especially anything Kawaii and/or involving cats). Like I said... I am planner obsessed and always on the look out for new things.

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