Tuesday, September 16, 2014

JBS Mercantile: Mid Month Check In

This month, I missed my usual welcome to September post. I was wrapped up in our new homeschool schedule. My JBS Mercantile kit was also running a bit late due to a mail snafu. It all worked out though. I was rewarded with my kit just as a I needed a bit of a creative respite from our schedule. This month's kits are fabulous. They have many supplies which are perfect for the avid reader. The supplies are also easily adaptable to school themed layout. I chose to visit our homeschooling in the present and in the past.

This year marked my son's fist day of high school. We have been homeschooling him since he was little. Though we made a few curriculum changes, for the most part, school remained the same. I was however struck by the fact that he is four years away from high school and on the path the college.

 I chose to paint a path on a piece of white cardstock, then layer the pebble cut file over the top. I used the stencil and modeling paste to extend the path off the page. I included my thoughts about his first day and also talked about his high school experience is quite a bit different then mine was.

When my son was little, we did a lot of hand's on projects for homeschool. One such project centered around making our own math board game. I chose to add in a few game centered flash cards to theme the layout a bit.

I still have several sheets of the fabulous paper from this month's kits left. My next goal is to try to document fall. It is, after all, one of my favorite times of the year. Who knows, I might even pull off another school themed layout or two. How are you using this month's JBS Mercantile kits? Share them with us in the JBS Mercantile Customer Gallery.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Get It Scrapped: Use Apps to Help You Tell the Story

There is nothing wrong with taking a photo and documenting the main story. In some cases this is perfect and all that is needed. Some photos have deeper stories. I admit that sometimes I am guilty of not delving deep enough. Sometimes I just write a few sentences about the basic story and I move on. There are times I wish I had written more. It's not always easy to do. Having a tool to help me along can make it so much easier. I like to use Story Swoop from Get It Scrapped.

Story Swoop break the story down into sections. It has a series of questions designed for me to make deeper associations with the photo. It then helps me organize my thoughts to make the story easy to transcribe to my layout.

Stay by Christy Strickler |Supplies Patterned Paper: American Crafts, Studio Calico, Crate Paper; Letters, Chipboard, Wood Veneer: Studio Calico; Glitter Glue: Ranger; Flowers: Freckled Fawn; Stickers: American Crafts, PinkFresh Studio; Jewel, Tape: Glitz Design

The basic story about this photo is my husband holding our kitten while he worked. The deeper story is about how we rescued three kittens and my husband said we could keep just one. Sweetpea was not the kitten we originally chose. She seemed to somehow know that. She would snuggle up on my husband's chest and eventually, she stole his heart. We were so glad we were able to keep her too. Using Story Swoop helped me to organize my thoughts to get this story down. Though there was nothing wrong with the basic story, this layout now means so much more to me given that I was able to tell a richer story.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The DigiScrap Geek Podcast: Episode 2. Oh Look! A Kitten.

In Episode two, we delve into the realm of inspiration. Not just your standard stuff. Not just about the things you see and how they inspire you. We talk a bit about those things, but really, this show is all about deeper forms of inspiration and how they affect you and your work.  We also venture down a few rabbit trails, but as a whole it all comes together in a fun little podcast.

Wondering about the name? How many times do you start to work on something and get sidetracked? As in, Oh Look! A Kitten! We talk a little about staying on track and about the different stages of creation we experience as we scrapbook. This is a great show whether you are a paper, digi, or hybrid scrapbooker. I hope you will take a listen.Check it out at the DigiScrap Geek Website.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Get It Scrapped: Piling on the New and Trendy

Trends are everywhere. From home decor to scrapbook products, we find ourselves motivated to use what we see in the now. Starting with product first can be a powerful way to drive the creation of a scrapbook layout. It's an excellent way to add the latest trends to your memory keeping.

When I start with product, the challenge is to find a photo that works with the supplies. Usually, I use product as inspiration when it's brand new and I have just received it. I have a keen desire to use it right now. It's very easy to get overwhelmed by all of the product as a whole. Using product as inspiration means that I need to narrow it down and focus on one piece to start off with. As I shuffle through my latest supplies, I choose the one that grabs my attention first. I then ask myself what it is that inspired me to choose that particular item. Is it color, motif, or pattern that is pulling me in. Knowing the what or the why makes it easier for me to choose the right photo to go along with the product.

Once the photo is chosen, I can then begin to add other items to tell my story. Having the photo gives me direction to choose the right blend of motif, color and pattern in the form of embellishments and patterned paper. Working with a kit or collection makes this step easy. If you have just one product, try a search through your supplies to create your own kit before tackling this step. Once you have a pool of supplies to choose from, the layout comes together with ease.

Be Yourself by Christy Strickler |Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned Paper, Die Cuts, Chipboard: Basic Grey;Acrylic: Freckled Fawn; Wood Veneer: Freckled Fawn. Basic Grey;Other: permanent chalk marker

When creating Be Yourself, I started with the brush script patterned paper. I like the way it highlights different moods and time frames. It was then very easy for me to choose a photo of my son posing as though he was thinking.

I kept things simple by choosing the rest of the page elements from the same paper collection. Bold bright colors lend energy to the page and keep it from becoming to serious. The thought bubbles are a trendy motif which fit in well with the idea that my son is posed as though he is thinking.

Keep in mind that trendy items don't have to make your page looked dated. I used a basic block design. I allowed the products to speak to the story. Sure they are trendy and they did drive some of my inspiration in my product choices. However, I kept them from becoming irrelevant add-ons by ensuring they support the photo.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Amanda Robinson Studio: Free Double Heart Cut File

Getting photos of a teenager isn't always easy. They are more independent and on the go, often without you. So I took full advantage of being able to take photos of my son during his recent birthday.

Surface by Christy Strickler |Supplies Patterned Paper,Letters,Tags, Die Cuts: Studio Calico; Stamps: Elle's Studio, Chic Tags, Studio Calico; Tape: My Mind's Eye; Brads: BoBunny; Cut File from Amanda Robinson Studio; featured in an ARS blog post

He was sure caught off guard by the gift his dad has chosen for him. My son was ecstatic about his new Surface tablet. You could say I had a second opportunity here. I decided to use some love themed supplies to show just how much my son loved his gift. I balanced the love themed supplies with grid paper and technology themed paper. It's all comes together and supports the story well.

I seem to prefer lightly layered clusters recently. I like that the heart cut files allow you to see through to the layers behind them. I made several clusters on the page which featured the cut files either between or on top pf the layered cluster.I placed the clusters to form a visual triangle around the photo.

Several themes can be used on one page when they support the overall story line. To help them feel like they belong, search for common ground. In this case, the color palette of both themed lines made it easy to bring them together onto one layout.

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