Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day with 3 Luck Inspired Scrapbook Pages

St. Patrick's day is not one of those holidays I find myself documenting often. It's not that we don't celebrate it...we do. It just seems that it's one of those holidays that flashes by in the blink of an eye. I can literally think of maybe two layouts that I have dedicated to the day itself (one of which I will share today). I figured today would be the perfect day to share a little inspiration with you and perhaps inspire you to document something about the holiday itself or about luck.

This is one of the few pages in which I have documented the actual events of St. Patrick's day. My son built a leprechaun trap. I went with a traditional green color palette. Green being a sort of given color when you choose to document St. Patrick's Day. If you need some tips for creating a monochromatic green layout, you can find some here on the Layout a Week Challenge Blog. You can also find some green color palettes and inspiration here.

If you don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, it's perfectly all right. Instead, you can choose to create a layout about how lucky you are.I feel like this is a wonderful opportunity to practice being grateful. Many of us try to do this everyday, but generally, the focus on living a thankful life is often documented  most in the fall when Thanksgiving is celebrated.Here's your chance to do an "I am lucky" or thankful page with gorgeous spring color as your inspiration.

I created this layout last year for an article at Get It Scrapped. My goal was to document what luck means to me. I wrote about opportunity and how I appreciated the chance to take advantage of opportunities that came my way.

This layout is about my son and how good things always happen to him. This is a hybrid layout I created back when I was with JBS Mercantile. I used green but added navy and yellow as accent colors. Even though the layout isn't about St, Patrick's day, I used a couple of shamrocks on the page.Many people think of luck when they see them, so the shamrocks work on a symbolic level rather than a literal reference to the holiday.

I used photos of myself and my son to document luck, but really, you could use a photo of anything. For example, you could use a photo of your home to document how lucky you are to have a roof over your head. Or use one of those Instagram foodie photos to document how lucky you are to be able to go out to dinner ( which gives me an idea for a page...I remember a time in which my husband and I couldn't afford to go out to eat). Luck is really all a matter of how you perceive it. You can document a page about St. Patrick's day or you can document something you are thankful for. What will you document? If you make a lucky themed layout, feel free to share it with me in the comments below.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Game On! It's March and That Means It's Time to Play Calvinball!

First things first. I need to explain what Calvinball is to anyone who is new to it. It's a scrapbook related game created by my freinds, Doris Sander and Celeste Smith. The game is based on the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. It involves an ever changing set of rules and just all of us, having fun. There is no prize. The goal is to get us scrapbooking more. The easiest way to explain it all would be for you to stop by the Get It Scrapped Forums. The details are all there.

Now technically, the game started March 1st. I know...we're 4 days into the month. That however, is part of the beauty of Calvinball. With the rules changing and morphing( and you having the ability to add more rules), the outcome is never certain and even those who start a bit late are still guaranteed to have a chance at a high points total.Plus, it's just plain fun. If it makes anyone feel better, I am getting a late start this year.

It you need encouragement and want to know more information, then it might be easy to just talk to some Get It Scrapped members live and in person. It just so happens that the Get It Scrapped March online crop is this Saturday( tomorrow). I plan to attend and I know many people there will be happy to help you get started with Calvinball. You can learn how to join the crop here. It's free. You just need to register with the Get It Scrapped Forums to gain access. Registration is also free.

Meanwhile, to the veteran players( I have been playing for years), let the smack talk begin!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

For the Love of Mixed Media Blog Hop

 I have been dabbling in mixed media art off and on over the past few years. It is something I enjoy but don't always make the time for. One of my goals in 2016 was to change that. Being held accountable is always a good thing, even for your creative process. Collaborating on a blog hop meant that I would not only be held accountable for my piece being finished, it also meant I would find inspiration along the way.

I decided my first mixed media project for 2016 should be something with a Valentine's day theme. I had an ulterior motive. Not too many of our Valentine's day decorations made it with us on the big move. Some were old and not in good shape. Plus, we didn't have much for Valentine's day anyway. After talking things over with my son, he decided to join in on the project as well ( which made me completely happy). Initially, we had planned to buy a few decorations from the store and alter them. After some thought, we felt we should challenge ourselves to use only what we had in the house.

Mixed Media Wire Heart

I am sharing my son's project first because, in many ways, I think his is the best of the two. He was inspired to create a heart out of copper wire.

 He cut a heart from cardboard, then cut slits with a craft knife.He then inserted wire into the slits and wound it around the edges to secure it. He was then able to place the heart and wires in the center of a larger wire heart. The cardboard and wire strands in the center served to reinforce the larger heart a bit. He decorated the heart with some wood veneer bits and a locket. The locket was made with a silicone mold and hot glue, then painted red after it dried. He used a lace scrap as the hanger.

The project was easy to make and has a nice rustic feel. It's perfect if you need some quick valentine's day decorations.

Tip: The gauge of the wire seemed to make a difference. I tried a heart with a thinner wire and it wasn't stable. My son did wish his wire was a tad bit thicker.

Valentine Cat Fairy

After seeing several cute cat fairies around pinterest, I determined that I wanted to make one. I had a small wood heart with stand left over from my JBS Mercantile days. I covered it with scrapbook paper and painted the edges with acrylic paint. I printed a largish photo of my cat, Momo, and cut him out. 

I made the wing with a silicone mold and hot glue. I left it unpainted, but as you can see from my son's project, the hot glue takes acrylic paint nicely.

tip: The photo I used wasn't the best of my cat. The lighting made him a bit blown out. I thought it wouldn't matter much, but I felt it would have been a better project if I had chosen a great image to begin with.

Ready for some more inspiration?

The wonderful thing about mixed media is that there are no rules about what you can make. Many of the projects shared today were quick and easy. Be sure to  jump around to the other blogs to find more mixed media Valentine's Day inspired projects. There is no particular order to the For the Love of Mixed Media blog hop. Just hop around and enjoy the inspiration.