Monday, November 24, 2014

Give Thanks: A Project for Deflecto Craft Solutions

My Thanksgiving and fall decor are rather sparse. This year, I set out to make a few projects to add some autumn cheer to my home. First, I made an autumn banner. This weekend, I made a Give Thanks sign for our thanksgiving table.

I have really been loving all the fabulous chalk board signs I have been seeing around Pinterest. I was thrilled to receive some chalkboard easels and chalk markers from Deflecto. Most of my autumn decor is simple. I wanted to maintain that with the sign. I used some ribbon, twine and a German Foil turkey to decorate the base of the sign. The tricky part for me was writing the chalkboard sentiment.I don't have the best penmanship. I was relieved that the chalk markers were very forgiving. A little water wiped away my mistakes. I then dried the board and tried again until I was happy with the results.Technically, I could erase the sign and make a new one each year. However, I think I like my sign just fine the way it is.

Looking for more holiday inspiration? Be sure to stop by the Deflecto Pinterest board or visit Deflecto on Facebook to see how the design team is using their chalkboard markers.

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The German Foil Turkey was part of the JBS Mercantile November kits.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The DigiScrapGeek Podcast: Episode 11- Holiday Wish List

I am pretty lucky, as gifts go. When I want something, within reason, I can usually get it at whatever time of the year. So when it comes to the holidays, my thoughts turn to gifts for my son rather than gifts for myself. When asked what I might like during Episode 11 of the DigiScrap Geek Podcast, I really had to think about it. New toy cameras and refurbished analog cameras are always on my wish list. Most scrapbooking supplies I acquire as I see sales throughout the year. Gift certificates are always fun for that reason. Then I don't necessarily have to budget the supplies in and can just cash in a gift card. Still, I didn't really have anything concrete on my list.

 Time after time, what kept recurring was the thought that I might like a new Jo Totes purse. These are camera bags that double as purses. They are fashionable but practical at the same time. I like that they are just the right size to carry my tablet while allowing me to carry a variety of cameras in my bag at the same time. Currently, I have to choose which camera will go in my bag. Right now, I am leaning toward the Somerset in red. Though I also fancy the Gracie in Magenta

Whether or not I get the purse, I find it fun to make wish lists and see what others are interested in. Episode 11 covers all of our wish list picks. Come have a listen and take a look at our panel's current wishlist. Don't forget to share your wishlist picks in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

JBS Mercantile: Mid-month Check In

This month's kit was awesome! So much so that it's already sold out! I can see why. I made my design team layouts with ease this month. Though the kit is themed well for November, it also works well with other topics. I made a layout about my son and his first Jack O Lantern. Now surprisingly, I find myself scrapbooking about cats and birds.

I snapped this photo of Jujubee stalking a bird with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It's a little grainy but it's what was within reach at this particular moment. I am kind of hoarding the paper or should I say I am making the most of my supplies. Using small blocks of the patterns seemed to work perfectly. I like the design and now I have plenty of scraps to work with.

I have one more layout to share with you later this month. Guess what? It's bird themed too! Meanwhile, I have set a few of the papers aside to document our Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, if you need some inspiration, be sure to stop by the design team kit gallery.

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All of the supplies were originally part of the JBS Mercantile November 2014 kit. Sadly, the kits are sold out. Be sure to subscribe to reserve your December kit. There are some November Crafted kits still available while supplies last.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The DigiScrap Geek Podcast: Episode 10- Holiday Photography

I have come a long way in improving my photography skills over the years. However, I still have a long way to go. Holiday photos are, in many ways, the most difficult for me. It's the time of day when the light in our living room is the most harsh. Couple that with the frenzy of activity associated with opening gifts. I could definitely use the help. I was thrilled when Erin Manning joined us for the latest episode of the DigiScrap Geek Podcast. She answered so many questions for us. Whether you use a point and shoot, like I do, or have a DSLR, Erin has some great tips for you. Come have a listen...

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sometimes You Don't Make the Team

A lot of people ask me about being on a design team. Is it easy? Aren't you limited by the constraints of your assignments? Isn't it a lot of work? The truth is that I don't mind being on design teams at all. I find it fun. I like having a deadline. I regard the assignments the same way I regard the challenges on blogs and websites. I don't feel constrained at all.Getting to know the people you work with is another bonus. I have forged a lot of friendships with fellow team members. Design teams have helped me to grow and understand my memory keeping on a deeper level.

Sadly, good things do sometimes come to an end. Design teams often have a contracted term. When it's time to move on, it's bittersweet. I still have the friendships though and so, I move on. I always have my eye out for teams I might like to work with. Putting yourself out there can be hard. It's always a little difficult promoting yourself in those applications. Sometimes, applications call for specific samples. This means a little extra work on your part. So what happens when you don't make the team?

When I first started applying to teams, I would feel disheartened when I didn't make the cut. Now that I have been through it several times, I know that it's not a bad thing. In fact, just applying may help you make connections with other like minded people. Perhaps they ask you to be a guest. Other times, you might strike up a conversation and find you have made a new acquaintance. The nice thing is that there is nothing to stop you from applying again for a future DT call. Just remember that they often have tons of applicants to choose from. It's often very difficult for them to make a decision.

Sometimes, your style just doesn't quite fit what they are looking for. Don't run out and change your style. It's what defines your work. Rather, take the time to think about what you do and own it. At some point or another, that confidence may just be what helps you make a team.

Happy Birthday by Christy Strickler |Supplies Patterned Paper: Amy tangerine; Cork, Stickers, Wood Veneer, Acrylic, Flair,Tape: Freckled Fawn

I know I have a few style markers that sometimes are a deterrent when it comes to design teams: 1. I often scrap a bit crooked. I have tried laser t-squares and a variety of rulers to no avail. I could be frustrated. However, I accept who I am and I work with my quirk as best I can. 2. Not all of my photos are high quality. Some are older and taken when I was new to photography (like the pictures in this layout). Others have been taken with my tablet. I make no apologies about this. I work with whatever photos best tell the story, regardless of their quality. I don't like staging photos. I have only done so on rare occasions when I had a prompt to inspire the photo.

Recently, I applied to Freckled Fawn and I didn't make the team.When I don't make the cut, I do look at the people who did. Sometimes I can see that a specific style memory keeper was desired for the team. Other times, I might ask myself if I sent the best samples. Was the photography of my work good enough? Either way, it's not worth beating yourself up over. What's important is that you have completed layouts telling your stories. After all, sharing memories is the main goal of our hobby. Don't be discouraged. If being a part of a design team is something you want to do, keep trying. They can't consider your work if you don't apply.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

The DigiScrap Geek Podcast: Episode 9- I Like the "Like" Button

I started scrapbooking in 2001. It wasn't until 2010, when I joined Club Creating Keepsakes, that I would find a place to meet like minded memory keepers. The people there were friendly and made me instantly feel like part of the group. We had swaps and played along with challenges. We forged friendships and overall, we just had a good time. I might never have started blogging or participating in challenge sites if not for those ladies. We were all very sad when Club CK closed and Creating Keepsakes magazine were no longer published. I am happy to say that I am still in touch with many of the friends I made at Club CK.

Since the days of Club CK, the social aspect of  scrapbooking has a changed a bit. Social Media now takes the place of some of the online message boards ( though some message boards do still function and function well). We have blog feed readers and apps which allow us to view our favorite scrapbookers and friends. In some cases, we have taken the social aspect of scrapbooking back offline in the friendships we have forged making real life friends of our virtual ones. In this episode of the DigiScrap Geek Podcast, We are talking about the changes to social medial and how it has affected the social aspects of scrapbooking. Come have a listen...

Monday, November 3, 2014

Welcome, November!

I am starting off this month with a big announcement.I am joining the Simple Scrapper Creative Team.  I have been a member at Simple Scrapper for awhile now. I attribute the Stash Bash event as the means to helping me get my creative space under control. If I need help for a story idea, I can look to the monthly story starters. I am especially a big fan of the sketches. (You can learn more about the full Simple Scrapper team here.)

I often use sketches as a jumping off point to get my creativity flowing. I chose to start November off with my latest JBS Mercantile kits and one of the Simple Scrapper November sketches. This layout is a blend of the JBS Mercantile Main and Artisan kits.

The weather is awesome and I am settling into fall quite nicely. I have a lot planned. Lots to create and hopefully, lots to share. I adore all of my fall supplies. Both the October and November JBS Mercantile kits have checked off a lot of products from my wishlist. With the time change, I find myself feeling well rested and back to a productive schedule. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year!

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