Friday, April 24, 2015

The DigiScrap Geek Podcast, Episode 28: Vacation like a Memory Keeper

Vacations are exciting. As memory keepers, we want to capture every moment while finding a way to be present. The burden of capturing those moments doesn't have to fall solely upon your shoulders and there are ways to make documenting your trip a bit easier. In episode 28, we met with May Flaum and discussed how to make scrapbooking your vacation just a little easier.

As often happens after recording an episode, I was excited about the topic. In this case, I wanted to look back through some of my older vacation layouts. I enjoy seeing the pages as well as seeing how my style of memory keeping has developed. 

I created this layout in 2012 for an article at Get It Scrapped. We had joined my husband on a business trip to Puerto Rico. I really loved the beautiful and brightly colored buildings of old San Juan. I chose to bring those color associations into my layout.

Documenting the vacation is always a given. I had never thought to document the travel preparations until I made this layout in 2013. Now the travel prep and even the mode of transportation have become part of the way I document our vacations.

Recording the memories from a day trip can be just as important as documenting a week long vacation. I documented one of my family's short trips across the island in my November, 2013 Project Life pages. I documented the food we ate while we were out and about. One of the pages even included a map showing our travel route for the day.

I don't vacation often, but when I do, I would like to believe that I make an effort to document memories while still being a part of the adventure. However, as I looked back through the pages, It did occur to me that I don't appear in many photos from our trips. Perhaps a few of the tips from Episode 28 will get me in the frame a bit more. How do you document your vacation and travels? Do you find it to be an easy process or does it overwhelm you?

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  1. Great podcast, thank you. I have lots of vacation photos to scrap, I've done a few, but loads left to do. I don't scrap chronologically, nor do I do Project Life, just whatever inspires at the moment. I love your examples here, especially the color choices. Thanks. Michelle t

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I don't scrapbook chronologically either. I still have some to finish for several trips myself.