Sunday, April 12, 2015

In Celebration of Film Photography Day 2015!

My initial plans for celebrating Film Photography day were to play around a bit with some of my analog cameras. Instead, the memory keeper in me stepped forward and I decided to take a look back at some of the layouts I have created using analog prints. Though I have mentioned it before, I don't think it's always obvious that I am using prints shot with real film versus the prints I use from my digital camera.

I always bring a disposable waterproof camera with me to the beach.I can be on the clumsy side and I worry about damaging my good cameras. I also don't have the worry of having to secure expensive gear and can just be in the moment with my family. On this occasion, we visited Fort De Soto Park in Florida. I managed to catch a few photos of my husband carrying my son up and down the steps. You might reconize this layout from a budget scrapbooking tutorial. You can check it out here.

Another occasion in which I love to use a disposable waterproof camera. I aim in one spot in the pool, tell my son to jump in, and then I snap away. I have caught some great underwater shots of him over the years. This layout may also be familair. You can see it in yet another budget scrapbooking tutorial  which you can see here.

I try to capture at least a few shots of my son underwater ever year. Disposable cameras are a great, inexpensive way to start off with underwater photography and a fun way to document summer.

I am still experimenting with my instant cameras, I have a Fuji Instax and a Lomo Instant. These are some of the very first photos I took with the Instax. I loved capturing the mirrored image of my cat in the window as he watched the birds.Sometimes taking a photo right then and there with the intent to scrapbook it is a great way to become inspired if you are in a rut.

These are just a few of the layouts in which I used analog shots. Looking back at them was, as always, quite an enjoyable experience. I love seeing how I have changed as a memory keeper over the years just as much as I enjoy the stories each of the pages tell. I did also notice something that is bothering me just a bit. It's been awhile since I have scrapbooked with any analog prints. That's an easy remedy though. I just need to choose a camera and a pack of film.

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