Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Today, I will be spending time with my family, relaxing and enjoying the day together. With that time, comes many great photo opportunities and when the celebrating is over, a desire to scrap those pictures. I took a little time to look back over some of my past Easter layouts. I enjoy seeing how the way we celebrate has changed now that my son is older. I also look through these pages to garner inspiration for this year's Easter pictures. I thought I would share a short round up of some of my favorite Easter Layouts.

This is one of my favorite two page layouts. I used some of the cardboard superhero egg holders as embellishments on the layout.

We bought the same egg dying kit the following year. Once again, I used some of the egg holders as embellishments. This time, I also snagged a few of the stickers.

I decided to use an Easter napkin to create the background for this layout. It's not a napkin saved from the time frame of the photo, but I still felt it had a lot to add to the theme of the page.

I love finding props for my son to pose with. It's nice that he is willing to comply with my silly requests. Plus, I really don't think he minds when the prop is a lollipop with a silly face on the end of it.

Another example of my son humoring me by taking his photos with the Easter Bunny.

Now that my son is older, I miss the days of egg hunts and the excitement of Easter baskets. I still put a little something in my son's basket every year. Though the days of egg hunts are over, it's nice to look back on them and enjoy the day talking with my husband and son.I hope that, however you choose to celebrate Easter, you are enjoying a wonderful day with family and friends. Happy Easter everyone!

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