Thursday, April 2, 2015

An Easter Treat Bag with Deflecto Craft Solutions

Easter is one of those holidays that often catches me off guard. Generally, I start getting items for my son's Easter basket early on in the year. I feel prepared and then forget which date Easter falls on. Sometimes, I don't break out the Easter decorations as soon as I would have hoped. I prefer to have them out for a few weeks, but this year, I didn't decorate the house until last Monday. Despite my late decorating, it still wasn't too late to make something special and new to add to our Easter decor.

I wanted to create a new treat bag for my son. I love a lot of the designs in the Silhouette store but sometimes I feel like they just aren't very sturdy enough to last more than one year.Once again, a Deflecto Acrylic Frame came to the rescue. It not only provides a small back drop for the treat bag. It also serves to support the bag and the paper bunny.

A Few Quick Tips:
The frame does help to keep the treat bag in an upright position even when empty. However, it may sag a bit in some spots. Add a small peice of chipboard to the bag to prevent sagging.

Creating the grass pieces to decorate your backdrop is easy. Cut a few triangles from green cardstock then roll them up on a pencil. The traingles will curve nicely and resemble blades of grass.

If you need a larger backdrop, simply use a larger frame. You can even customize it with your child's name.

If you can't find a small canvas bag, fold part of bottom of the bag under the frame base and glue it to the base. Make sure you don't pull the bag too tight so that you can still add treats to the bag. Alternatively, you can cut the bottom off and stitch the bottom of the bag shut.

I enjoyed making the frame. It was quick and easy to assemble. I made it in just under 30 minutes. Now,my son is looking forward to seeing what might appear in his new treat bag on Easter morning.

Have you been making any Easter crafts lately? Do you put up a lot of decorations? Or did Easter sneak up on you in the same way it did for me?

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