Friday, August 9, 2013

JBS Mercantile: July Kit Fun

Despite not being as creative as usual, I did manage to pull off a few layouts using my July JBS Mercantile kits. I just checked, and as of the time I am writing this post, a few of those kits are still available.

Earlier this week, I wrote about being in a bit of a creative rut. I talked about going to sources that inspire you to help get you back in your creative habit. Photos are another source of inspiration for me. I often shuffle through my stacks( both on the PC and through the box of old photos) to see if anything perks my interest. If this doesn't work, I might take a few photos.  I did exactly that to inspire this layout.

My cat was watching the birds in the backyard. I noticed his reflection in the glass and I decided to see if I could capture it. I loved the photos I took of him so much so, that I was inspired to grab my July kit to document them. I did print off a few sheets of bird themed paper from some JBS Mercantile Digital kits. Having digital kits available means that I can easily add just the right paper when I need it.

I found some photos of a family day trip to the beach. They made me laugh a bit. Some of the photos have sun flares. Back then, I would have considered this a poor quality shot. Now, with so many apps featuring the ability to add solar flares or age pictures, I really cherish the photos created with real film. This shot was taken using a disposable waterproof camera. I love disposable cameras like these for trips to the beach. I can shoot real film, get some interesting photos, and leave my good camera at home safe and sound.

Yes, I do see that the corner of the photo looks bent. It isn't that way in real life. Photos taken of flat objects such as layouts may warp or bend a little at the edges. I have heard someone refer to this as the keyhole effect, though I am not sure that's the official term. I find it very challenging to photograph layouts with page elements that  create a framed look around the edges. If you notice, many layouts in design teams shots or magazines are single page and don't feature framed elements near the edge. I wouldn't use this layout for one of my DT submissions. Someday,I might have a 12x12 scanner. Meanwhile, I still love this layout and wanted to share it today.

Friday is here and I hope to continue my creative streak through the weekend. I know many of you will have plans to scrapbook. I hope you have a nice creative streak of your own.

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  1. Both pages are awesome Christy! I love the photos you took for the first page and the layering is great! I have that same problem, with getting the Fish Eye effect, is what I call it. :) It does drive me crazy, but sometimes you just have to go with it!!