Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Get It Scrapped: Take an Inventory

I wish it was something I had done sooner. Taking an inventory is an easy way to capture a snippet of time. The journaling doesn't need to be elaborate. A simple list creates a snapshot of the here and now, providing clear insight into the details of that moment.

My son's wardrobe has changed over the years. Until a recent assignment for Get It Scrapped, I had never really thought to document it. Clothing is often documented in the everyday photos we take. It's not something we necessarily concentrate on though. In our everyday photos, it can give clues about the event captured as well as the time period. You know immediately if the event is a formal one, what the weather might be and, if trendy clothing is worn, you will have an idea of when the photo was taken. All of this information is generally absorbed subconsciously as we look for the main topic of the layout's story. We don't really focus on what these things mean. We simply accept them for supporting details.

Capturing a wardrobe with an inventory provides a few more details that might otherwise be overlooked on a scrapbook layout. The clothing becomes the main topic. We become aware of the person's current style, their age, and how their age affects the choice in clothing. We may even have clues about where the person currently lives.

Closet Cache by Christy Strickler |Supplies Patterned Paper, Ephemera: Jenni Bowlin;Other: sewing pattern, paper clip, flair badges, wood veneer, label maker

My son's wardrobe tells me where he is right now based on the clothing choices he has made. His wardrobe is very casual and he has no need of formal clothing right now.I know this is a summer inventory of his clothes, but it also reminds me that we live in a very warm climate zone. I never took an inventory of his clothing when he was younger. It's not too late. I can easily use photos from earlier time periods, changing the focus of the story to the clothing rather than the event.

Inventories yield small details that can tell a story in a big way. They aren't just for clothing though. Think about taking an inventory of your next vacation, a family outing, your purse, or perhaps, your refrigerator. All of those details will tell you about the now, providing you with the ability to really focus on what things change and how other things stay the same. You can create a full layout or use your inventory for a quick Project Life insert.

What will an inventory reveal about you right now? Share with us over at Get It Scrapped.

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  1. Great ideas for this assignment Christy!

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