Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Get It Scrapped: August Photo A Day Challenge

I have always liked the premise behind the various Photo A Day challenges available throughout the internet. Each days prompt inspires you to try taking a photo from a fresh perspective. Sometimes I sign up, but rarely ever do I make it through the full month. Following the prompts requires you to make it a habit. I am in the habit of shooting photos daily and of carrying a camera with me almost everywhere I go. It's not like I don't shoot a lot of photos. I just tend to forget the prompts.

When Doris challenged us to a photo a day over at Get It Scrapped, I once again signed on. The difference this time, is that we all sort of just disregarded the photo a day part. The list has a lot of good prompts. Part way through, many of us just started taking photos and checking off the list. We are jumping around to the prompts that inspire us and for once, I know I have been using the list a whole lot more than I have in other challenges.

We are planing a list for September too. Meanwhile, I thought I would get on the bandwagon and share some of my shots.

Blue Skies Smiling at Me- It's been hot and rainy here. We don't get rainbows often, so this was a welcome sight.

Looking Up-  You can definitely say that things are looking up. Another morning taking my husband to work and a 2nd rainbow was sighted.

Shrimp on the Barbie- We went to Outback for dinner and had this for dessert.

Gobbledygook- This silly show definitely fits that category. We are all enjoying it and hoping they don't stop making it any time soon. What's not to love about silly looking rabbits doing funny things?

Architecture-  One of the many old churches here in Nassau.

Grow- Over the past few weeks, we have been observing several bird families. If you search around, there are 5 sparrows visible on the branches. We have been feeding mom and dad while watching them go back and forth to the nest. When I snapped this photo, mom and dad had brought their babies along for a meal. It was nice to see so many successful fledglings.

I'll be posting more challenge photos soon. The Get It Scrapped team would love for you to join us in the challenge. Just pop on over to the forums for the complete list.

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  1. I was snapping a couple more today, hope to do a post soon. I adore pictures of churches, that's a pretty one.

  2. oh my goodness! those rainbow shots are stunning! it looks like you live in a fairy tale! and i didn't even think about going to outback for shrimp on the barbie! clever!

  3. Yay! So glad you posted these! We've had quite a few rainbows here lately, but nothing like the ones you have here. Rabbids look like fun, I love the silliness. :) Love the old church! Wonderful photos!!

  4. Love those rainbow photos, Christy!! I am so aggravated, because I haven't been able to get a good pic of one single one this Summer! HA!! :)