Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Under Inspection: Adding a Golden Glow

I've been seeing gold quite a bit lately in fashion and home decor. I have even seen gold glitter and foil on die cuts and thickers. It's a tricky color to work with, but one I am finding I kind of like. If you'd like to be like King Midas and add a touch of gold to your next project, you might like the article I wrote today for the Scrapbook News and Review Blog. I have a list of seven tips for adding gold to any project.

I created this layout in early 2012, before gold was quite as popular as it is now. I stamped with gold paint and a homemade triangle stamp.Sadly, sometimes when you photograph gold, it takes on a more orange tone. That's something you might want to be aware of if you are submitting projects for publication or design team work. In person, gold can provide high impact even when used in small doses. My original palette of brown and green felt a bit dull with these darker photos of my husband and son in the arcade. I had pulled the color palette from the video game machine they were playing on. Adding touches of gold perked up the color palette a bit.

I did use my own handmade mist to create splatters on the layout. Creating your own mist is very easy. You just need an empty spray bottle, some acrylic paint and water. I purchase my spray bottles from the local pharmacy. The cheap acrylic paints work best.Just squeeze a small amount of acrylic paint into the bottle and mix with water. The mixture may settle when not in use, always swirl the bottle before you use it.

If you would like more golden inspiration, then be sure to check out my Golden Glow vision board on Pinterest.

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