Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Life 2013

I debated for awhile whether or not to have another go at Project Life this year. I tried it last year, but ultimately fell off the bandwagon very early on. I believe my failure was in a large part due to my lack of organization. I approached it with the hopes of creating my own cards from month to month to match my photos. In the end though, it was extra work each month and instead, I found myself creating layouts.

In theory, I like the concept of Project Life. At least I like my adapted version, in which, I choose some of the photos that won't be going onto layouts. they would instead inhabit the pockets of my divided page protectors. These project life pages would make a lovely introduction to each month with a series of the month's layouts occupying the album behind them. So once again, I have decided to attempt Project Life. This time though, I have made a few changes.

This year I chose to buy the digital version of the Sea Foam kit from It's more economical then buying a pre-printed core kit. I can print as much or as little as I please. I have also chosen a few sets of the free project life cards available in the internet.I purchased a package of cardstock in 81/2 x 11 size and printed off my card sets. The disadvantage to this method is that I have to cut everything out. I found the task a but easier to accomplish by cutting the cards out while watching TV with my husband.

Now came the hard part. How would I store them? The answer came to me as I was cleaning out my craft space. My son had made a little caddy for me when he was younger. It's one of those free home depot wood projects. He didn't do the best job, but I adore the little caddy specifically because he made it for me. I have always struggled with how to use the little caddy. Most of my supplies have always been too big for it. Today though, it was just the perfect fit for my cards and some Amy Tangerine date stamps.

I hate waste, so I took all of the scraps from cutting out the cards to use on page bases. I just piled them on and machine stitched or used gel medium to create a variety of page bases for future use.

Now, my album is started and all I need to do is print my photos and insert them in the pockets.

If you would like some Project Life Inspiration, be sure to check out my Project Life Pinterest board.

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  1. Interesting approach! I'm attempting PL this year also and will be following along to see how you are doing.