Friday, January 4, 2013

Just Discovered-The Dark Room Door

Robot Vol 1 - Rubber Stamps (Cling Foam Included)

Occasionally, I come across new sources of unusual or interesting supplies, as was the case this morning. I was perusing Twitter when I saw that Connie Mercer had been invited to join a new creative team called The Darkroom Door. I confess that the name is what drew my attention. So I clicked the link and discovered a wonderful world of new materials.

Several things caught my eye immediately. The first one being robots. My son loves them and has a nice little collection from when he was small. These little guys would be a lot of fun on a layout. There is a lovely set of montage sheets, patterned paper, and chipboard elements.

The second item to really grab my attention were the selection of background stamps. I especially loved the The corrugated iron, marbling and button backgrounds.

Marbling - Background Stamp (Cling Foam Included)

Sadly, It's not in my budget to purchase today. If I did, I would consider one of their warehouse boxes. I love surprise gifts. Getting a warehouse box is like buying yourself a mysterious surprise. I have gotten good at using things or altering them to fit my needs, so I never worry about whether or not I will like everything in the box itself.

I have decided that during 2013 I will share newly discovered resources such as this one. I don't know how frequently that might occur. You will just have to stay tuned into the blog to see.

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