Friday, January 25, 2013

Scraphappier! The LOAD213 blog hop!

Thank you for joining in the LOAD213 blog hop. If you are arriving here first, you may want to head over to Heather's blog so that you can follow along in order. We have a lot tips, tricks and insight into the experience that is LOAD.

If you are wondering what LOAD is all about, at it's simplest, it's creating a layout a day. You get a prompt in the morning and you do your best to create a scrapbook layout by midnight.Usually when I tell someone I am participating in LOAD, I am often told I must be crazy.Most people will say they can't even consider LOAD since they take a long time to create layouts. They have too much on their plates with kids and family. If you decide to participate in LOAD213, the biggest thing you need to remember is that it's ok if you don't end up making a layout  every single day. Sure it's the point, but it's also not the point.

What's really  the point of Layout A Day? It's a look into your process. It's going to make you take a look at how you work with your supplies and the steps you take to create a layout. You have to understand who you are before you can successfully create every day. Since you have a time limit, you learn to make confident supply choices. There is no saving that paper for a special day when you participate in LOAD. You learn that every day is the special day meant to use your supplies. You also develop a creative habit. Creativity is exercise for the brain. The more you exercise it, the more you create.

It is a good idea to get prepped and ready for LOAD. Personally, I begin editing and printing off sets of photos. Remember that your goal is to create layouts quickly. You probably don't want to choose your wedding photos or anything in which you want to scrapbook with a lot of detail. I like to use everyday photos of my cats or my son, for example. I also gather kits and have them ready to work in a basket near my desk.

Sketches are a great way to save time if you find you hesitate when it comes to photos placement. I gather favorite sketches and keep them on a pinterest board.  I also like to use sketches from some of the challenge blogs out there.

Some days you will have more time to work than others. On the days you have a little more time, you might want to jot down notes about the way in which you are working. Personally, I discovered that I think by object or theme and then color as I work. This is changing how I store my supplies.

Most of all, don't stress out! This is supposed to be fun. Keep stress low by making quick decisions when you choose supplies. If you liked that green polka dot paper with the photo of your kid, don't second guess yourself and keep searching your supplies. Choose and move on. If you don't have a photo for that days prompt, don't sweat it. No one says you can't print another one. Don't limit yourself to the basket of supplies you have ready. If you know the birthday paper on you shelf will work better with the prompt, then go grab it.

Not all of you layouts will be exciting and awesome. Some might need a little love later on to get them looking the way you desire. It's ok.  I created this one during LOAD 212. It could use a little more embellishing.

Once again...just have a good time!

Be sure to hop over to Lynette's blog next. Here is a list of today's Blog hop participants:

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  1. This particular part:
    "There is no saving that paper for a special day when you participate in LOAD. You learn that every day is the special day meant to use your supplies. You also develop a creative habit. Creativity is exercise for the brain. The more you exercise it, the more you create."
    Makes me want to jump up and down and shout hallelujah! That's it exactly!

  2. Great page Christy!! Loving the graph background paper and the way you used the paint/paste behind your photos and title!

  3. Ditto Heather! Great tips! I think your layout is perfect by the way.

  4. Fantastic insight Christy! Especially love "Sure it's the point, but it's also not the point." So true! It's like that saying we've all heard - it's not about the destination, it's about the journey - where the destination is completing 28 LOs, and the journey is truly utilizing our creativity. Thanks for a great post with a wonderful perspective!

  5. Loved the reminder about sketches: I always forget to do that!

  6. Really great post, and you captured so much of the spirit of LOAD. Love your blog and style. Glad you are joining in!

  7. Thanks for the tips about what pics to use, what topics might need a little more attention and using sketches. I think the best tip is NOT to stress! See you in 6 sleeps!lol I lifted that from Alison C.

  8. Pinterest! Thanks for the reminder! I don't get on there as often as I used too, but what a great place to start + old favorites I've saved on Flickr from past LOADs - I refer to those often!

  9. Great tips - Christy - thanks for sharing!!!

  10. I love that you saying creating a layout every day is not the point, but it is the point. That's so true! The basket idea has saved me on many a busy day! Can't wait to see you there, Christie!

  11. I love your reminder to have fun!!

  12. quick decisions << I will have to repeat this to myself. Maybe I'll put it on a sticky note and add it to my computer!! Thanks for the reminder!!