Sunday, January 6, 2013

Supply Savvy- Packaging and Scraps

How many times do we save snippets of patterned paper or scraps of ribbon for future use and then never get around to using them?!?! I hate to waste anything and I tend to save every little bit. I even save the packaging from my brads and other embellishments. I always have the bright idea that I will convert them to something useful.

I have a lot of leftovers sitting on my desk from last year's creative good wishes. I just never used any of them. If something sits too long, it becomes junk and clutter. I really hate the way that it all looked. So during the last weeks of 2012 and the first days of 2013, I began converting them to useful tags and embellishments. I have realized that I am far more likely to use something if it's ready made.

I put all of the brads inside a storage bin and the had this little card left. I like the green polka dot grid. I can see myself using it as a journal card.

I found a scrap of patterned paper sitting on my desk. It's just the right size to cover up the manufacturer's label.

I grabbed the closest package of stickers and added this one. The card is somewhat finished but still a little plain. That's ok. It's now ready made. I can grab it to use for a layout but can still customize it a bit more with buttons or stickers to match my story.

I also had some packaging from some JBS mercantile chipboard. I used ribbon scraps to hide the manufacturer's logo and information. I spare button adds a little pizzazz while still leaving the piece neutral enough to customize for a future layout.

Small pieces like these are perfect projects to use up your scraps. You get to recycle and have ready made embellishments or journal cards for future layouts.

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  1. What a good idea! Love how you turned these into journaling tags!