Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Layouts: A Look Back at this Year's Scrapbook Evolution

It amazes me to look back and see how much I have changed over the past year. Over time, my layouts keep becoming more of me. I have tried a lot of new techniques. Some I want to revisit, yet, I find myself excited by the next new prospect. I will pause and take a short look backward before rushing onward to embrace the layouts to be in 2013.

January- I was inspired by the photo. The sheer happiness in it fills the whole layout.

February- I had a lot of fun learning to make my own stencils.

March- Once again, the photos are what make this layout so special to me. Such rare and gentle moments, captured forever.

April- I finally started using more of my patterned paper as a canvas this year. I am happy to be using more of my supplies rather than hoarding them.

May- I adored the bright colors and patterns that I used here.

June- One of the first layouts I created for Get It Scrapped. I adore these photos of my son and husband goofing off together.

July- I developed a love for instagram photos. This layout also shows off my love for recycling. I used an old belt for an embellishment.

August- I love how I was able to combine so many busy pattern papers. I also hand lettered the title.

September- I developed a love for electrical tape as a supply. It was perfect for this Batman layout.

October- Halloween is my favorite holiday which made creating this layout all the more fun for me.

November- I was beyond excited to be a guest for JBS mercantile this month. I loved all of the vintage ephemera.

December- Once again, the photo is what makes this special for me.

It was VERY hard to choose just one favorite per month. 2012 has been an awesome year of scrappy time for me. You may recognize many of these layouts from my creative team endeavors. I have really stretched myself and found a whole new comfort zone from which I can creatively work.

I am hoping that 2013 will continue to bring new artistic endeavors. I hope each of you finds the time to create and do the things that make you happy!

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  1. I adore your layouts so full of inspiration! And thank you for the fabulous idea! When I get back from my travels I want to try to see if I can pick favorite layouts from 2012! Happy New Year!

  2. Great choices Christy!! Love the great colors and patterns you mix together and all of the fun techniques you incorporate on your layouts!!

  3. Really fun layouts!
    And I love the way you did all of your titles!!

  4. Fantastic collection of work, Christy! My faves are You're the Coolest and the Cartoon Network Parade. You really have a way with bright colors!