Thursday, December 13, 2012

Journal Your Christmas 2012: Oh Christmas Tree

I have very clear images of our tree growing up. Santa was on the top surrounded by a halo of twinkling lights. My mom liked the shiny tinsel garlands. We had a variety of ornaments on the tree. It was never themed. I also clearly remember a large ceramic tree that had lights inside. I think my mom or grandmother had painted it. They seemed to be popular, for many of my friends had similar ones. Often they were white trimmed in gold paint.

We don't have one of those. We do however have a beaded Christmas tree. My son wanted one after seeing them in the stores. I figured it would cost far less to make one than to purchase it. Ours is not fancy, but it has the allure of handmade. A specialness that speaks of the time we spent together making the tree. Hopefully a moment captured in my son's memory like the memory I have of making popcorn and cranberry garlands with my grandmother.

Click here for directions to make your own beaded Christmas Tree

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  1. What a sweet tree! Love the glitter of the beads! I bet he will remember this for years to come!