Monday, December 31, 2012

One Little Word: A Review and a Look Forward

just a few of the layouts I have completed this year.

I chose the word Endeavor for 2012. Trying new things sounded exciting and empowering. I took things much farther than I ever expected. When I originally chose my word, I was thinking about new scrapbook techniques. Thanks to my husband's support, I ended up applying for various design teams. I ended up creating for Scrapbook News and Review Magazine and Get It Scrapped. I learned more about myself, my creative process, and how far I can push my own limits. I have created my own sketches, polished my blog, and begun a newsletter.

Now it's time to choose a word for 2013. At first, I thought about choosing Metamorphosis. It's a gentle word and connotes graceful change. After a lot of thought, I have realized that I need something more radical. Something that will embody my journey ahead. My future holds a road that is full of excitement, adventure and quite possibly a few bumps. There are a lot of possible changes in my personal life, some of which involves self healing. It won't be easy but at the end of the year, I hope for some positive change. My word for 2013 is Revolution.

Here's to an awesome 2013 and BIG changes in the making.
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