Monday, December 10, 2012

Journal Your Christmas 2012: Planning

It's been a few days since I have even looked at a prompt. I am not feeling guilty or behind though. I am ok with it. I had a few health issues last week and my son was presenting his final projects for the term. So those things came first. The nice thing about Journal your Christmas is that I can skip around in the prompts or even combine a few days together. I have a layout I had wanted to share for the day 2 prompt, but instead, I though I would skip to planning.

If I were doing December Daily, I would have already felt so far behind. Not so for JYC. My plan to get caught up is to read through the prompts I have missed, make a list, and then see which ones I might be able to do together or a few in one day. I never planned to make a layout a day. I didn't want that pressure right now. So that's the game plan for today. To simply catch up on reading the prompts.

What the planning prompt was really all about is about planning a Christmas party. I am not planning one but rather, have decided to plan a 12-12-12 fun day with my son. We googled it, but it seems to always bring up doom and gloom. I guess 12-12-12 is the end of the Mayan calendar. We decided to mix our holiday activities with a few of the things we did not get to do for Halloween.

Use three different sizes of dough circles to create a snowman pizza! Kids can add their favorite toppings.
Plans for the day include:
1. lots of holiday crafts
2. playing some zombie games, including Modern warfare 3( what's the end of the world without a zombie apocolypse?!?!)
3. having a snow man pizza for lunch    
4. making jello monsters and jello worms
5. building our Rice Krispy Treat train set.

We have most of our ingredients and crafts ready to go. I just need to acquire the pizza fixings. I am sure you will see some upcoming photos. Meanwhile, I am off to go catch up on the JYC2012 prompts!

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