Monday, December 3, 2012

Tales of A Craft Class Junkie: December 2012 Class Scheduled

It's the holiday season. So I know many of you might think I am crazy to take classes, but nonetheless, take classes I did! I am keeping up ok with all of them. I just try to do a little at a time every morning after exercise and before my son wakes up for homeschool. Tuesday is a big class catch up day for me. My son has a day packed with on-line classes. That means another teacher has him for certain segments of the day. Since I am free of homeschool duties, I figure it's a good time for crafty education!

So far, this has been a good replacement for the December Daily. I can give thought to what I want to write about without the pressure of having to do it right then and there or to create a layout. I have a feeling I may be doing this again in 2013!

This class began today. I get it for free as a perk for being a member of Scraphappy. I love Lain's classes. They really help teach you more about yourself and your style of scrapbooking. This class will delve into helping you tell a deeper story. I have listened to the first prompt, but honestly haven't had time to work with it today.

I recently joined the Simple Scrapbooker. Jennifer Wilson helps you delve into your process and stream line how you organize and work. I can really use the whole organizing part. She also has some free printable that are pretty cool!

This class just began about a week ago at the Art Studio. I am enjoying learning a little more about my collection of markers, ink and stains. I am sure you will be seeing lots of inky projects coming to the blog and my creative team assignments soon!

I am about 1/4 of the way through this class. It's another fun one from the Art Studio. Already, I am getting more use from my UTEE. I have made some fun embellishments and have stared concocting my own color mixtures. I may need to invest int Ranger stocks as I will need tons more UTEE!

This should be a wonderful way for me to review what I learned in the Guided Study Critiques offered through Get It Scrapped. The seminar begins on the 5th. Debbie is also giving away free classes each day for the first twelve days of Christmas, as well as deep discounts on other MSD seminars. I have been a member of Masterful Scrapbook Design since it began and I attribute my improving skills to the concepts I have learned MSD.

I will try to share what I can this month. I will confess that my main focus will be spending time with my son and making the holidays extra special for him. I hope you all have a wonderful month and perhaps I will see you in class!

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