Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tales of a Craft Class Junkie: UTEE and the Melting Pot

My goal for taking the UTEE class was to learn more about how to use it and to make more use of the melting pot. So far, the class hasn't disappointed. My first project involved my learning to use UTEE and my heat gun. I created several lovely wooden embellishments. I had purchased the wood circles at the local craft store. Wood veneer, also know as Faux bois, is very trendy right now. However, unless I were to order on-line, the shapes seen in scrapbook albums are not readily available to me. The wood aisle at our local craft store had a variety of shapes from letters, frames and circles. At around $1 and up, these make adding faux bois to my layouts more economical for me. I can also customize the shapes which I have done here. I like how the UTEE adds a varnished look and how it brings out the wood grain pattern. Though I will say that the photo just simply does not do these embellishments justice.

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