Monday, June 2, 2014

Welcome June!

It seems to be a repetitive theme for me. Each month slipping past faster than the previous one. May came and went, leaving behind the heat of summer. Swimming is back in vogue and my son is enjoying a lighter version of homeschooling so that he can spend time with friends. Let's hope that means more time for me in my craft room.

Though these early months seem busy, I can't help but notice that I tend to take less photos at the beginning of the year. Essentially, this means it's easy to be caught up. It also seems to mean that I feel less motivated to scrapbook due to the lack of photos. Perhaps, an easy remedy for this could be a photo challenge. The other remedy is to search through older photos. 

Currently, I am perusing older photos from one of my family's Disney World adventures. The car themed pattern paper from the June JBS Mercantile Main kit was perfect.I added on a black button that reminded me a bit of a tire. The journal card wasn't long enough, so I cut it in two, then slipped each half above and below the photos. I cut off the edges of some work art stickers to use as a shelf for the photos. The word art will still be usable for another layout. There is nothing like being frugal to strecth one's kits as far as they will go. So now the question is just how far can I stretch the June Kits? How far do you stretch yours?

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