Wednesday, April 16, 2014

JBS Mercantile: April Mid Month Release

Just popping in for a quick share. This month has ended up including a ton of family time for me which is wonderful, but leaves me little time to blog or scrapbook. I also have found that my creative ideas aren't flowing as readily as I would like them to. When that happens, I turn to sketches or try concentrating on one single design concept. This month's Scrapbook Coach focuses on designs in a band.Since I want to focus on finishing more classes this year ( and my time was limited), I decided to kill two birds with one stone...use up product from my kits while working on a class.

I was channeling Debbie Hodge when I created this particular layout. It might have taken me a few tries to decide on the design, but the journaling came so easily. Part of the journaling reads "An apple in each hand, he stretches out his arms. The birds land and begin to nibble." I must have had over a dozen photos of my son feeding the birds, but I narrowed them down to these three favorites.

I have made a small dent in my kits, so expect to see them used a lot more over the coming months. You can expect to see some more Band foundations from me as well.

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