Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welcome, April!

Ok, so technically I am one day late in welcoming the new month. It sort of snuck up on me. Time is flying right by. Part of this may be due to Easter falling at the end of this month. It was sort of packed into March last year. I guess this means it's time to pull out the Easter and Spring decorations. It's also time to pull out older Easter photos that have yet to be scrapped.

I found this photo ,which I absolutely love, of my son when he was small. I love how he is posed over the basket, carefully counting the eggs he has placed in it. This was one of those times in which I climbed up on something to catch the shot.

 It's always nice to find a different angle on things. I keep a step stool in my kitchen for just such a purpose. It's fun to grab a shot from above while my son is baking or concocting a meal for the family. It does take a little planning or a little luck to grab such a photo. The luck comes into play when there is something safe to stand on at the location of your shoot. Your subject either has to be right below or they have to cooperate for a shot. Either way, it's well worth it to look for the opportunity for a different perspective.

I have only just cracked open my JBS Mercantile kits this month. Expect to see much more from them. They just keep getting better every month. It also helps that I have a ton of past Easter and Spring layouts to document!

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