Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Whole Package

They sat there in the package, neatly in rows. Puffy heart stickers. I loved them enough that I had ended up with 2 packages. I had already used a few here and there. There were a few gaps in the package. Still, I liked the way the grid of puffy hearts looked just as they were. So why not use the whole package all at once?

I used the most complete package and substituted a wood veneer shape in the blank spot. I then machine stitched a loose grid. Much of the page isn't straight, but it has a homemade with love feel that is perfect for the story about rescuing 3 tiny kittens.

I love the way the layout turned out and I managed to use up a whole package of stickers. So why save that package? Don't hoard your stickers. The next time you love a whole package, consider using it all on one layout.

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