Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Project Life: February 2014

I would like to say I approach all of my projects with my best effort. Two things seemed against me when I made these pages. One was time. The other, a lack of creative mojo. I needed a project that helped me work out my creative block. Project life became just that. I approached my February pages with a need to get them done and to exercise my creativity. They may not be my best pages. However, they are done and I think it's important for everyone to visit the idea that not everything one produces is their absolute best. There is something we can learn, even from our mediocre work.

I approached page one without a plan. It's sort of evident in my choice in cards. I grabbed whichever cards inspired me at the moment. Probably not the best idea and something I want to try to avoid in the future.

I struggled with the second page. The photos I had did not fit the orientation of the page protector I had used for page one. It was a simple fix. I just rotated the page protector. Now my readers will have to rotate the album in order to see the page. I am ok with that and will keep this as an idea for future layouts.

Page three is actually a layout I did for Layout a Day. It's a quick and simple page which utilizes some of the 4x6 postcards that came in my son's megablocks kit. I like this one a lot.

I completed both page three and four separately at different times. I had to trim some of the cards down to accommodate the page protector. This became an issue later when I had to move the cards to the back side of the page three layout. Now my cards are out of order. I need to plan pages ahead of time a little better so it doesn't happen again.

Yes, I made a few mistakes with the month of February. However, I learned a little more about my process and what I can do to improve Project Life for me in the future.

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  1. these are great! I really like that first page! and clever idea about rotating the page to fit your needs.