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February 2013 Project Life and Calvinball

I am still playing Calvinball with the ladies over at the JBS Mercantile forum. There has been a lot of scheming and smack talk, all in the name of good fun. I haven't been partaking in a whole lot of the smack talk. I am more of the silently scheming behind the sidelines kind of girl. Stealth. That's key. At least in my book. Magic too, if you are an RPG player like me. But I digress...

We get a point in calvinball for every day that we blog. So you can bet that there will be a lot of posts from yours truly this month. Not all of them will be about calvinball. It's going to be a whole lot like the blogboost challenge I did in January.

Today, I am sharing my February Project Life layouts. There were a whole lot more than in January. I am still developing as a PL participant. I think that each month, I will give myself a little critique of what I liked and what I did not. Hopefully, this will help me examine my process and develop little cards that I think rock versus the so-so PL cards I usually make.

This month, I combined my February JBS Mercantile kit with the PL Seafoam cards. I really liked how the colors worked well together. Looks like PL is going to be a great way to use up some scraps.

I participated in Ali Edwards Day in the Life challenge. I always thought I would never have time to play along, but on an impulse, I printed out the ready made worksheets she provides. I was really pleased with how simple it was to  sit down a few times a day and jot notes.

My plan was to insert the worksheet directly into an 81/2 x 11 page protector which I would add to my album. I didn't have any and I was too impatient to wait for a trip to the office supply store. I tried cutting the page into cards for the pockets, but this failed. I am bad with measuring despite numerous tools. I ended up placing it along with the cards inside a 12x12 page protector and sewing some faux pockets.

Lesson learned: Next time I will either print the worksheet on 2 separate sheets of cardstock or I will not cut it apart prior to placing it in the 12 x12 sheet protector. I might still try to smaller inserts, but I do also like the idea of customizing a page protector for my work. Ali had headings on the worksheet for week in a life. Since this was  a day in the life, I decided to cover them with Washi tape. I like how it looks.

This is the back of the intro layout for the month. You can see the back side of Ali's worksheet. I liked how I have this already filled out and I chose one photo from the day to highlight.

In some cases, I decided to work directly on the back of the PL card. The biscuit card is an example of that. The story was kind of long, so I left out a lot of scraps and chose just a header and a photo. I think I may plan out my journaling more ahead of time in the future so that I can make more detailed cards.

For this month's Little Things I Love Challenge, I chose to highlight a seashell and some wood cutouts. My son found that seashell while snorkeling several years ago. It was his first time snorkeling in the ocean. The wood cut outs are keepsakes of the gazebo where my husband and I got married. I love this challenge because it gives me a little something extra to add to my PL pages.

My favorite card in all of my layouts this month is the  Time to Craft card. I used a few scraps to make it and stitched. I think it is a beginning to the layering I desire for the PL cards.

I started using a new app this month called instaweather. I like how it adds my location and weather info. I plan to take a few photos throughout the month to show a sampling of the weather every month.

My favorite thing on this page is the green shimmery chocolate bag from Graycliffe Chocolatiers. I almost want to buy more chocolates just to get more of those little bags.

Overall, I am happy with my project life layouts. I still want to improve and the only way to do this is to practice. Practice comes in the form of  participating in PL. It's a journey and just as my layout style has improved, so will my PL cards over time. I do know I will be participating in future day or week in the life challenges. With those worksheets Ali Edwards provides on her website, it's super easy.

Calvinball total so far this month:

Daily Blogging- 3 points
Layouts- 4
Scheming- 1 point
cleaning up after yourself- 1 point
shopping- 1 point
scrapbooking past my bedtime- 1 point

Total: 11 points

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  1. Christy, I love your project life album and how you're incorporating so many things into it. Gave me some ideas too!