Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Color and Symbolism Add Impact

One of the best ways to add more to your layouts is though symbolism and color. Recently, I was challenged to use orange for it's color associations with nature. Orange connotes change and transition. I immediately thought of some of our moving photos.

Moving to P.I. by Christy Strickler Supplies| Patterned Paper: Jillibean Soup,My Mind’s Eye; Alphas: October Afternoon; Tape: Target; Other: Buttons; submitted for shape up your scrapbooking at Two Peas in a Bucket

We are expats. An expat or ex-patriot is someone who does not live in their home country. This means we rent a place to stay. We didn't intend to move around as much as we do. However, for various reasons we usually end up moving every 2-3 years.

Triangles are also a symbol that signifies change in chemistry. Having a background in science makes them a significant symbol to me. In some cases, the viewer of a layout will instantly get the symbolic associations with the items used. Other times, those symbols are more meaningful to the person who created the layout. This doesn't make them less of an impact. When you use colors and symbols that have meaning to you, the viewer can still feel it. The more thought behind the things you use helps you to make a more cohesive layout.

This is just one set of moving photos for me to document. You can bet I will be using more orange and triangles on future moving layouts. The next time you create something, give yourself a moment to think about colors or symbols that will make a meaningful impact on your story. I bet you will find more satisfaction in your layouts when you incorporate supplies that trigger your own memories.

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  1. Love this Christy!! The Orange background and Triangles really give a big impact to your layout!

  2. I love all the thought you gave to this page. Bold choice with the orange background, it really works!