Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sharing my love of Design Teams with

Today I am a guest blogger over at the blog. I share about my love for being on a design team and how my perspective on what a design team has changed. You can also see a progression of my skills as I have grown during my work with Get It Scrapped.

I have been following Kristen Tweedale and RuKristin for awhile now. I can't exactly remember when I first learned of Kristin's work. What I do know is that many of the projects she shares help me get out of my comfort zone in a way that doesn't feel uncomfortable.Kristen has me learning to be brave and share more of myself in my scrapbooking and creative projects.

Earlier this year, I began participating in the Currently List Challenge. Each Tuesday, I sit and jot down a few things about what's currently going on in my life ( including books and tv shows.) I love that, when it comes to to make my Project Life pages for the month,I have four cards filled out and ready to slip into pockets.

I am also participating in the Awesome Ladies Project and the Thursday3 challenge.  The Awesome Ladies Project occurs on the last Friday of every month. There will be one this upcoming Friday. The object is to set aside a few hours in your day to complete something that makes you feel awesome. Though I do scrapbook almost every day, I have decided to try to extend the challenge to try other crafts and art mediums. For my first challenge this year, I completed a set of hand sewn coasters. I hope to learn to crochet and perhaps finally set aside some time for art journaling as the year progresses. The Thursday3 challenge is probably the hardest challenge for me to complete. The goal is to take a photo of yourself and share three things about you right now. It's challenging for me because I often get so busy that I forget to document myself. After all, my husband, son and our cats are my favorite subject. I do think the challenge is important as I am sure my son will want to look back and share who his mom was with others.

Kristen is a wonderful and interesting person. I invite you to get to know her, her website, and her challenges. The best way to  do so is to hear about the things she does directly from her. Recently, she was a guest of the DigiScrap Geek Podcast. She shared with us her thoughts about documenting who you are.  Take a listen and then head over to to check out the wonderful and thought provoking content that Kristin likes to share. I would also love to see you at the Awesome Ladies Project this Friday.

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