Sunday, March 22, 2015

Project Life 2015: Weekending

My family weekends are fairly typical. Island living is very quiet. There isn't a whole lot to do unless you want to go out to eat or  pay for a tourist excursion to snorkel or fish. After being here for 9 years, we tend to just hang around the house. Even though that may seem a bit boring, it is our life right now and I wanted to document a typical weekend. Using the day in the life concept, I documented a weekend in the life in my pocket pages spreads.

Our typical weekend is spent playing video games, sleeping in, watching tv and papercrafting( that's mostly me). We do try to get out of the house once a day to enjoy some sunshine. Typically, we eat lunch at a restaurant down on the harbor or if the weather permits, a swim in our pool.For this pocket page spread, I documented our lunch and the games we played during one particular weekend.

I also had to opportunity to document a not so fun weekend. Losing power here is fairly common. Generally we lose power for a few hours here or there during the week, especially during the hot summer months. What wasn't so typical was losing power for 32 straight hours over the weekend. I had planned a PI day celebration, but instead of documenting it, I ended up documenting how we coped without electricity. We spent part of the time in the car in search of restaurants with generators who could serve ice cold drinks and good food. It wasn't ideal but it was another island adventure documented.

This month, I am working on documenting my March project life pages using Traci Reed's March 2015 Pocket Life Collection. My plan is to add cards and supplies from my stash which have colors that compliment Traci's kit. The first weekend page is an example of that. I had a sheet of paper from a Cocoa Daisy Kit which had text about weekending. I used Traci's 365 unscripted templates to create most of the multi- photo cards and added in papers from the pocket life kit. Note how both pages have pink, turquoise, green and grey within them.

I still have a few photos to gather. I hope to get a few more photos during this final week in March before I finish the pocket pages. I am finding that creating a few pages here or there during the month is helping me to stay on track with Project Life.

How is Project Life going for you? Are you keeping up in 2015? Or do you feel like you are falling behind.

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