Thursday, March 19, 2015

Project Life: February 2015

February was a short month and so were the amount of pages that I made. I only needed two pages to cover the highlights. I could have stretched it to maybe 3-4 spreads if I had used more filler cards. However, I am discovering that, while I do like filler cards, I prefer to keep them to a minimum.

I have decided that I do always need one card to show the month and the year. The page with this card is essentially the introduction to all of my pages (traditional layouts included) for the month of February. This month, I included my usual nature photos and a visit with our Vet's office cat. I also documented our rising cost of groceries It will be interesting to look back at this shot of my son with our cart and compare the cost of the cart and the amount held within it to future grocery store photos.

Throughout the month, I participated in the Currently List Challenge.  Each Tuesday, you jot down current things in your life including TV shows, books, music, and plans. Participating in the challenge meant that I had four ready made cards to fit into my spread and there was no fumbling around trying to remember small details such as current tv shows. It was a definite bonus for me.

My only issue was that, for whatever reason, I grabbed a green card from my stash for week 4. I needed to find a way to fit it into the navy and red color scheme I had chosen for the month. I added a few small green accents. Note to self: only grab cards from the stash if they fit your color scheme.

I think I am finally finding my pocket page style. It's something I have struggled with for awhile. What's different for me now? I am using Traci Reed's monthly Pocket Life collections to make hybrid pages. Pocket Life provides me with a color palette  and a variety of cards. The color palette helps guide my choices( or should, please excuse the green card above) as I dig into my stash for extra cards and embellishments.I am also making use of Traci's 3x4 and 4x6 templates to build my own cards. I like the collage placement of the photos with space for me to add journaling. The collage placement is also making it easier for me to group photos together so that each pocket page spread has the stories grouped together. Grouping the stories together is what makes sense to me and allows me to design the page more effectively.

I still have a little bit of work to do within my personal pocket page style. It is after all, a learning process. I am just happy that I am starting to feel comfortable with what I am doing. Are you comfortable with your pocket page style? Or are you still finding your way?

Supply Options

Pocket Life: February 2015 collection by Traci Reed Designs

365 Unscripted: 4x6 collage Cards

Currently List Cards and Stamps are available at ( I am not an affiliate. I just love the stamps and cards) I used the Currently List stamp set and Post It Notes on the page above.

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  1. Love that mix of patterns on the top page, very cool. And the row of "currently" cards on the second spread is so striking... especially love the last one with the green frame!