Friday, March 20, 2015

Crafting with Teens, Calvinball and a Power Outage

Last weekend, we experienced a 32 hour power outage. Power outages aren't uncommon in the Bahamas. Usually, they last a few hours and then the power comes back on. This time, though, there was a huge fire in a substation which caused extensive damage. We don't have a generator so we just had to make the best of it. Last year, I had intended to do a few crafts for Fall and Winter. Needless to sat, they never got done. What better time than a power outage to get those crafts finished and earn a few bonus Calvinball points!

The first craft was easy. Super easy. I decided it was only worth half a point. My son and I chose this craft mainly on account of the fact that it was an owl and there were two of them in the package. We love owls.I figure we can incorporate them into our Fall decor somehow.

The second craft is a snow globe. Two of them to be exact. They are from the JBS Mercantile crafted kits.  Sadly, this particular kit is sold out. Ideally there is one here to keep and one to give away. We did follow the instructions, but it would seem our trees are too tall for these jars. I think I can solve this issue by simply getting bigger jars. I had a great time making these with my son. I plan to keep the one he made for our winter decor. It will officially be the first ever piece of winter decorations for our house. I have always intended to decorate for winter but never get around to it.

There is just another week or so left of Calvinball. I am moving steadily upward though not anywhere near the lead. That's ok. I did manage to beat my personal goal and the number of points I accrued last year. It's also been a ton of fun! We are already talking about laying another game( Donkey Kong-Scrapbook Style) next month.

Are you playing Calvinball? How are you faring?Check in on the Calvinball fun in the Get It Scrapped forums.

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  1. So sorry to hear that your power outage lasted so long! Very smart to get in some Calvinball points, though -- a true silver lining!