Thursday, March 5, 2015

Digiscrap Geek Podcast: Episode 22- Talking About Family History

Every so often, I geek out just a bit about a guest on the DigiScrap Geek Podcast. This was one of those times. Meeting and talking in person with Stacy Julian was a wonderful experience. She is a warm and charismatic person. In addition to Stacy visiting, we also had a another guest join us on the show. I have known Katie Scott for a few years now. We met through Get It Scrapped. Katie is an energetic soul with a passion towards her family and memory keeping. Both ladies had some important information to share on the topic of heritage scrapbooking. It's something I have been considering for awhile. I have made a few layouts but really, I haven't moved forward with much confidence or enthusiasm. This show may just be the turning point for me. Listen in as both Stacy and Katie share their tips and advice for delving into our family stories.

Additional Resources

an article from the Get It Scrapped Blog. Includes a video with narrative about the layouts shared.

Scrapbooking your childhood with limited or no photos from Get It Scrapped

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  1. Thanks for sharing this podcast -- I will check it out!
    I wish I had more heritage photos to scrap.. and sadly, I am realizing that just about everyone who knows our family history is gone. :(