Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Little Word Update

Earlier this year, I joined in on the one little word challenge over at Club creating Keepsakes. I posted way back in January of this year, my hopes to learn and try new things. I wanted to find ways to live a more positive and happier life. It's now my turn to host the One Little Word challenge and I realized that I have not stopped to take stock of the things I accomplished.

So far this year, my new endeavors have included:
- Becoming a better photographer: I took a class over at Big Picture classes in January with Elisha Snow. While I am in no way a professional grade photographer, I am a little better than I was before the class.It occurs to me though, that as often as I photograph my family and everyday life, I am not putting all that I learned into practice. I need to use my newly learned tips more to keep improving.

-New Creative Teams: With the encouragement of my husband, I applied for and was invited to join Scrapbook News and Review's Creative staff and Get it Scrapped's Creative team. At first, it was a little overwhelming. As with any job though, I have adjusted to my new responsibilities. I love being a part of both teams and look forward to the upcoming year.

- New techniques for my layouts:  I have been taking classes at various places and am learning so many new things. Most recently, I have been enjoying a Doodle class at Creative Passions and a Gesso class at the Art Studio. I am taking a guided critique study at Get it Scrapped. All of these should help me continue to learn more about myself and help me continue to define my eclectic style.

Most of all, I have continued to learn to be thankful everyday. Whether it's something big or small,there is so much in my life to be grateful for. Today, I am grateful for the support of my family and for everything I have learned and achieved with my new endeavors.

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