Sunday, September 16, 2012

OLW,Sunday Football and Scrapbooking Tutorials

Wednesday, I wrote a little about feeling robbed of time. One of my endeavors this year has been to try to be more positive. I really hate feeling negative and so I came up with a few ideas to feel less robbed of my free time on the weekends. I wanted to give a little update. So far, so good. I watched a little football with my husband. After almost 20 years together, I still have very little clue as to what is going on in the game. Suffice it to say, he enjoys explaining it to me, time and time again. During commercials, I checked on emails, finished reading this month's Masterful Scrapbook Design Seminar and popped up and down the stairs to work on a tutorial.

Here is where my one little word comes in. As you may know, my word is Endeavor. Earlier this year, when I joined the Scrapbook News and Review Magazine staff, I knew that part of my duties would include writing tutorials. I was a little nervous about it. I had never written one before and quite honestly, I had no idea as to what I could offer the scrapbook community in this way. The very first one I wrote for my introductory article was no easy task. Then I wrote another and another. Pretty soon, I realized that I liked writing tutorials. I now have several assignments to write tutorials for them over the next few months. All I can say is that I am VERY excited. I wish I could share the full tutorial with you here and now. It's still a work in progress. So meanwhile, here is a little sneak peek. The idea for this came from a Kleenex package next to the pharmacy register. Yes...Inspiration truly does come from just about anywhere. I still have to choose the right photo to work with this but rest assured, progress is coming along quite nicely.

Want to check out a few of my tutorials? I have several published inside the magazine right now or you can view a few short tutorials from the SNR blog Workshop Wednesday Features.
DIY Banner Paperclips
Altered Bottle Caps
DIY Wood Accents

Meanwhile, the fourth quarter is underway. I guess I better head back downstairs. I might get to snap a few photos of my husband watching the game.

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