Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've Been Robbed!

Now I bet I have your attention. Let me clarify. I felt as though I had been robbed. Time is a fickle thing and the weekend would always come and go so fast. A week ago Saturday, I had to go get my hair cut. I have decided that, while I do want to look nice, I don't come out of there feeling pampered. It feels like such a waste of time that could be spent in my craft space or with my family. Then, over the past two weekends, time has gone by so quickly and I have not accomplished many of the things I had hoped to do.  

So here I sit, on a Wednesday, tired and ready for the weekend. I don't have a complete solution for how not to feel robbed of time but I have made a few adjustments which I hope will add to my creativity.

Evernote logo The salon has WiFi, so I decided to try evernote. I started looking through the design and fashion magazines, then would snap a photo of them using the evernote app and my tablet. it allows me to make a note about the design and I can share the image and my notes to my computer. So now , anywhere I go with my phone or tablet, I can capture inspiration and make notes about what I want to do with said inspiration.

 Did I tell you I adore my Samsung tablet? My lap top is older and our solution was to supplement it with a tablet. It has worked well for me. I LOVE it. It's creativity on the go. I downloaded the photoshop app. So now, while out and about in waiting rooms, I am perusing the tutorials and learning how to photo edit on the go. I also used it that day at the salon. I read several chapters of my homework for the guided study critique class. I can also check blogs, pinterest or read the Masterful Scrapbook Design seminar while downstairs watching football with my husband. has Tiny Farm. Nuf said!

I plan to make embellishments. For awhile now, I have had the intent to make more handmade embellishments for my scrapbook pages. Nine time out of ten, I will only make them when I need one for a specific page. I have many ideas saved to my pinboard. So, my intent is to bring the materials downstairs with me. When I am watching TV with the family, I can then make an embellishment.

I'll let you know how things go. Hopefully, I will come out of this next weekend feeling a little less robbed of time. We shall see!

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