Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tales of a Craft Class Junkie: Gesso Update

Taking Gesso: It's not just a Primer over at the Art Studio had been a good thing for me. I have worked with gesso before, but I really never knew how much I could do with it until now.I still have a lot of possibilities to explore but I thought I would share a few of the page bases I have made. Why just page bases, you ask? Well, some of the bases have already become layouts which will appear soon at Scrapbook News and Review magazine or possibly for Get It Scrapped. So until they get revealed, I can't share the full layout. What a way to tease you, huh?!?! Well, It is Teaser Thursday at the SNR magazine blog, so I  figured I might just tease you with a sneak peek of something on my blog every Thursday too.


This page base used up some of my fabric scraps. I have a die cut alphabet called Ransom. It's a really old school alphabet from sizzix. It leaves behind these funky shaped squares.I really love finding ways to utilize them on my layouts. I have used this one for an upcoming SNR magazine blog post. Stay tuned to see the full layout during the month of September.


This was my first time really using black gesso. I think maybe that I botched the technique a bit. Part of me likes it. Part of me does not. The paper curled quite a lot. To remedy that, I sat down with my sewing machine and just randomly sewed a line, rotated the page, sewed another line, etc. I ended up with a funky sort of square pattern. I am now in the process of creating a layout with this base page. I am trying out other techniques on it with paint and modeling paste. Quite frankly, I swing back and forth over whether I love what I am doing or hate it. That's the way it goes when you experiment though. Without trial and error, you never learn. I may submit it for an assignment at Get it Scrapped. We shall see. I do promise to reveal it here sometime in the near future. The only other hint I can give you is that the layout involves scary movies.

I have a quite a few more techniques to learn and practice with for the Gesso class. The class is certainly chock full of things to learn and try. For more great class selections, pop on over to the Art Studio. There is ething for everyone.

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