Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Looks Like Rainy Weekend

The cats love that the patio
 furniture is inside.
We'd been watching the path of Tropical storm Isaac for several days. I didn't think we had much to be concerned with...yet. So I was quite surprised to have a knock on my door early yesterday morning to begin hurricane prep. The HOA decided to put the storm shutters on our condo, which meant I needed to bring all of the patio furniture inside. Thank goodness my son is old enough to help out.
After cleaning and manhandling the furniture indoors, my son and I headed out.I always keep emergency supplies on hand, but adding a few more, just in case,is never a bad idea. Out we went to various stores for canned goods and water. Once that was done and everything  put away, I set about doing the laundry.One must, after all, have plenty of clean clothes ready when a natural disaster is imminent.( I would like to say that it's because I have super awesome disaster ready outfits like the characters in  a video game. The reality is, you can't use the washing machine when there is no power. Therefore, one must wash ahead.)

Which brings us to the present.I awoke to a rainy,overcast morning.It looks like Isaac is heading farther west. Rain is in our forecast, but thankfully, not a hurricane. The house is clean. The majority of the laundry is now done. Looks like I will have a rainy weekend of sleeping in and plenty of scrapbooking. I have MAJOR plans now. These include catching upon the gesso class from the art studio, creating some page bases, listening to some Masterful Scrapbook Design Seminars and getting a jump on my next round of creative team assignments. Finally, it looks like I can get ahead and not just live in the now!

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