Friday, August 3, 2012

TGIF 8-3

It's a rainy morning here. I love it though. It's peaceful and quiet, except for the sound of thunder.It's perfect for a morning in my scrap space. I'm enjoying my coffee and some lemon poppy seed muffins while I peruse the virtual world on scrapbooking. Lemon poppyseed muffins are a rare treat where I live. My son has me going back to the bakery for these every chance we can.

This week, I have been wrapping up projects for SNR magazine and for Get It Scrapped. I'm still a little behind on listening to the  Masterful Scrapbook Design Seminar and the classes  I have been taking at the Art Studio. My son starts back to full time homeschooling soon. So I see myself sitting down during his on-line classes to get myself caught up with my own.

Currently I am:
- Obsessing with a game called Tiny Farm. I really want a phoenix!
- tweaking a tutorial involving metals for SNR Mag

This Weekend:
- I have layouts planned in my head and more layouts started all over my desk. Time to finish some!
- I am looking forward to walking around the neighborhood with my husband and son.
-I am hoping to have lunch with some friends.

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