Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Digiscrap Geek Podcast- Episode 16; Talking about Product Subscriptions

Product subscriptions have long been an option for paper scrapbookers. We are now seeing quite an up rise in subscription options for digital scrapbookers as well. Personally, I think it's a good thing. Subscription services often come with exclusive products. They are also great for the memory keeper on a budget. You have a set dollar amount that you know you are going to spend each month. Despite these benefits, I often here the same comments and questions regarding kits( no matter whether it's a digital, hybrid, pocket , or traditional scrapbooker). Some of these questions and comments were answered in the show, however, I thought I would add a bit more of my spin on things.

How do I choose a kit or subscription? I am worried I won't like the products that come in it.I like having control over the products that I purchase.

Yes, this is certainly a valid concern. We don't want to end up getting products we simply won't use. The key to finding a kit you love is to take a look at which designers/manufacturers the kit usually works with. If you like those designers/manufacturers, then chances are you will like the kits. If possible, look at past kits or products. You can get a feel for what types of items will be included in the kits. 

I have looked at past kits and products but I am still concerned about getting something I won't like.

I confess that from time to time, I get an odd item in a kit that I am unsure of. It's often not something I would have bought on my own (or maybe not one of my typical color choices). This isn't necessarily a bad thing though. I can get a feel for ways to use this item from the kit's design team. I might also be inspired to stretch my style just a bit. A little something unexpected is the perfect way to freshen up your memory keeping so that it doesn't become too stale. There isn't a guarantee that I will still like or want more of that item. However, it's nice to have the chance to experiment.

I am afraid I will want to buy the add on kits but can't afford them.

Everyone has a different budget, and while a kit club can help regulate that, there are sure times when peer pressure steps in. Some subscriptions offer add on items or kits and seeing the wonderful things the design team does with them makes us want them just as badly. There are two approaches to take to prevent or reduce this: 1. Don't look at the add on kits or items at all. You won't know you are missing out on something if you don't see it. 2. Look for similar items in your stash. Can you make a similar kit that will compliment the main kit you are already getting from the subscription. Option 2 is my favorite. It offers me a way to replenish the use of older supplies. It sure does feel good to do a little stash busting.

Overall, I love getting a monthly kit subscription. It keeps me on budget while providing me with fresh, trendy items. I don't feel left out from not being able to buy every collection I see because I have received a nice sampling of items in my kit. I have learned a lot about how to properly mix and match my own kits by using kit club subscription kits as a model. I find I scrap faster with a kit. Plus, there is that added joy of receiving my kit each month. It's almost like getting a gift for myself every month.

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