Saturday, January 25, 2014

Scrapbook Mythbusters Pre-LOAD214 Blog Hop

Welcome to the Layout a Day Scrapbook Mythbusters Blog Hop. If this is you first stop along the way, you may want to head over to Kelli's blog so you don't miss any of the pre-LOAD tips.You should have arrived here from Kim's blog.

It's that time of year again! February is fast approaching, which means many of us are getting ready for LOAD 214. What is LOAD 214, you ask. Load stands for Layout a Day. These events occur a few times each year. February being one of those months. Hence the 2. The fourteen simply represents the year. Each time, a different theme is chosen and we strive to create a layout each and every day. This layout needs to be submitted by the stroke of midnight.

Some of you are now a bit intimidated by the thought of creating a layout each and every day. At one point in time, I myself was. I am now a veteran of the process and can proudly say I have completed 2 full LOAD challenges. I have written before about what Layout a Day really has meant for my process. I have a few kits prepped and will be, in a large part, working to use up my current and past JBS Mercantile kits. I'm ready to choose products on a dime and finish pages in under 30 minutes. Yes, that's right...30 minutes.

Most days I allot about an hour to a LOAD layout. Some days I have extra time, however, many days I also need to work on pages for creative team assignments. I have to homeschool my son, keep house, and I still want to spend time with my family. This means I have learned just how much time I have to dedicate to LOAD. What does this mean?

1. I have to understand that not every layout I make during LOAD will be super awesome. That's not to say it isn't a good layout. It just means that I need to give myself a little leeway in regards to perfection and must accept the layout as is when the timer goes off. I can always tweak it a bit later.

2. I accept what products I have at the ready and use them on the layout. No shuffling through items. No thinking about whether or not this paper or that embellishment might be better than what I am holding.

3. Nix the fancy techniques. I don't plan on doing things like handstitching or using art supplies that have a long drying time.

4. I like to have some photos ready, but should the photos I  have on hand not fit the days prompt, I am more than willing to explore my computer files. I just make sure to set a time limit on the search. The first photo to catch my eye and make me feel like it can work with the prompt is the right photo for that moment.

Sometimes, all the planning in the world doesn't work out the way you expect it. There are nights when I find myself creating the layout while watching the clock tick towards midnight. Luckily, I have found a few spots in my scrap space where I can take late night photos. The lighting is adequate. I let go of the fact that they will be less than perfect pictures of the layout. You can take a better picture in the morning for you blog. Meanwhile, make sure your camera has fresh batteries.

Most importantly of all, Layout a Day is about having fun. If you would like to join in, there is still time.
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Additional Resources

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This is a free tool which enables you to quickly outline a story for your photos. It can be used on-line or printed for reference.


  1. ha ha on the fancy techniques! I usually have that in mind and then in October decided to hand stitch a grid - what a disaster - it took me about 4 hours to get it finished what with one thing or another so I will be avoiding things like that for sure this time around! Live and learn!

  2. Thanks for the link to story swoop. I'll definitely check it out. So happy to read about your success with LOAD and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's projects.

  3. Love that you actually use a timer! I would never be able to tell, since you usually make absolutely gorgeous pages!

  4. Yes! I totally agree! especially with kits, no time consuming techniques and being okay with not perfect photos of your LOs ;) Oh and I LOVE story swoop!

  5. I love the nixing fancy techniques!! It is definitely not the time for waiting for paint to try LOL!!

  6. So true about not getting fancy and using techniques! Great idea to use a timer. Looking forward to seeing your pages next month!

  7. I think I may have to bring in a timer! I try to keep my layout creation under an hour, but sometimes, it takes a little longer. I haven't hear of story swoop - thanks for the heads up!

  8. I love tips one and two! NO - they won't be my most artist pages - but they will be stories captured. ACCEPT the supplies you have - or re-purpose as Danielle does. :) This is the greatest advice. I have used Christmas paper in non traditional ways and non-traditonal colors for Christmas. That is what makes LOAD so fun.

  9. The use of a timer is a novel idea to me. Going to have to give that a go.

  10. Christy, I don't think I've ever made a layout in 30 minutes or less. Hahaha! The timer is a good idea, but I'm wondering when I get so focused on a layout, if I'd even hear it go off? I will give it a try for LOAD214 :-) Thanks!

  11. I love your approach! I'm right there with you, sister. :)

  12. Great tips! I've learned to give up perfection, plan to 'shop my stash' to use up things for LOAD, and I love the timer idea. Thanks.