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Get It Scrapped: Podcasting with Car Stories

Recently, Debbie Hodge approached the Get It Scrapped Creative Team with the idea for a new podcast. It's a concept which will resonate with all types of memory keepers. We find photos about a specific topic and we sit down to share stories. It's fun to listen to someone share the story behind the photo. What makes the podcast extra special is how the participants are able to give additional story ideas. Sometimes, as a memory keeper, we have a set of blinders on. We focus on a single story when really, there are so many to tell. 

The first podcast topic was all about cars. Transportation is a very important part of our everyday story. It's also a big part of our past. Every week, we need to buy groceries and run errands. We have to find a way to get to work or go to school. How we choose to get around tells about where a person lives and possibly what stage they are in their lives. It can even give hints to their personality.

As I interacted with the podcast panel, I jotted down notes. Yes, I want to document the photos that I shared. I also want to document more. Think about how much times have changed. Cars change a little every decade. How we listen to music in cars has changed. Do you listen to the radio the same way you did as a child or are you using  a satellite service? Perhaps a portable music device like an Ipod? How do you get petrol? Do you have access to self serve or are the stations full service? Do you still walk in to pay or do you pay at the pump?Even the cost of fuel or the cars themselves tell a story. Do you have one car or two? Perhaps you take a cab or the bus to get around. All of these little details tell part of your story.

I shared several photos during the podcast. Once I finished, I set out to document some of the stories I had in mind. I wanted to record my first car and my husband's along with the cars we have owned since then. I have started with my husband's story. 

The car on the upper right is his first car. Below it, I wanted to include more details. However, as I started to write, I realized that this is his story, not mine. I left the rest blank and will give him the opportunity to tell it his way first. I do have stories he has told me. If those don't make it to his version, I may add them on additional cards.

Which leads to me to my choice of  format. I chose to use pocket pages. Pocket pages will allow me to add cards or photos as I wish. I might come across more photos of cars from my husband's past. There might also be multiple stores about a particular car. I can easily add a journal card for any extra stories he might have. I chose Beck Higgns Design C which has 6 4x6 pockets. Most car photos are horizontal, therefore if makes sense to use a pocket page with most of the pockets in a horizontal or landscape orientation.I chose a primary color scheme with arrows as the main motif. It will be easy to match the colors and add a simple arrow motif to any new cards I might want to create in the future. Using a specific patterned paper might make it more difficult to find complimentary supplies if I want to make other cards or shuffle things around in the future.

I did write my own story for the red truck pictured here. It was the vehicle my husband took me on our first date in. It will be a simple matter if my husband wants to share his own stories about the truck. I can easily add a card with the pocket page system.I did include a card which  lists the cars my husband has owned. There is plenty of space, which means, that should he get another car, I can easily add it to the list.Initially, I had thought to do this as a timeline. However, the list format is easier to add to.  I do plan to create a similar layout about the cars I have owned. I would also like a page about the family cars we have shared while living abroad. It is expensive and really not necessary to own two cars where we currently live. We have been a one car family now for about 8 years. 

I went into the podcast with a couple of stories to tell and I left with ideas for so many more. I don't feel overwhelmed though. I feel inspired. The point of the podcast is to share stories. Yes, I document a lot of stories in my albums. The true joy though, is in sharing the stories themselves. It doesn't matter if you get every single story into your album. What matters is that, once in awhile, you sit down with someone and dish about your memories.

Listen to the full Podcast here:
Give Your Photos Stories: Posing with Cars

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