Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Project Life 2014- Our Day Begins

It not necessarily anything out of the ordinary. It's just a regular day, part of any week, any month from any year. What it depicts is a snapshot of a typical day for my family. That's what Project Life is. A little bit of the typical routine with sprinkles of  the exceptional moments.

I have written before of how I mix my Project Life pages in with standard 12x12 layouts. Today, I thought I would share a specific spread which shows you just how I do that.

I began with some typical photos. Though my son usually awakens on his own for homeschool, there are days in which I have to go get him moving. On this day, I caught a bit of the exceptional. I know our cat, Jujubee, loves to snuggle with him. It's just not everyday that I capture it on film. I used a block design for this layout. It made it easiest for me to extract a block from the pattern paper and to flip it so I could use part of the pattern on the reverse side. I used the tape to hide the seams and reinforce the design. The journaling is minimal, referring to the quiet moments and messed up bedding which begins our day.

This page will be located to the right of the 12x12 layout. It includes my notes about a typical weekday versus and typical weekend. I have also included thoughts on our current homeschool term. I am experimenting with the way I am embellishing the cards. I added the title in a somewhat circular method to the camera card. This and the card with the bird are my favorites from the spread. The bird was punched from a vintage  bingo card.

I haven't really started my Project Life album for 2014 in the same way that most do. I have yet to make my title page. I am just sort of jumping around, working on small bits and pieces here and there. I think I have a good start for January though. How about you?

Supply Options
Both Layouts feature supplies from the January JBS Mercantile kits. Kits used include the Antiquarian, the Main kit and the Mini Album kit. Additional supplies include:

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  1. So cool the way you've added homeschool life into your
    PL spreads.

    1. Thank you! Homeschooling has been such a big part of our lives for so long and now it's changing. It's amazing just how much it can change over time.