Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Inspiration

I have been looking back through past layouts and I ran across some winter themed pages. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to travel to a few places to see snow. It's always something a bit magical for someone who has always lived in a tropical region.


I originally created this layout in 2012. This was my son's first experience with icicles.

This was created back in 2011. Back in those days, I was scraplifting quite a bit to learn more about design and my style. I had scraplifted this layout after seeing it in a Masterful Scrapbook Design seminar. It's based on a page by Lynette Pynacho.

I was also making lots of pages based on sketches back then. This is based on a sketch from Pencil Lines.

I had hoped to make some more winter themed layouts, but it seems I have almost scrapped all of the photos from our trips to snow country.How about you? Are you documenting your winter weather?

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