Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome January!

Everyone always speaks about new beginnings at the start of a new year. I closed the book on certain events which left me time to focus on new projects. One of those projects was the building of a new website. I jumped in with both feet and learned a lot. Some things worked and others didn't. It was a wonderful learning experience that continues into 2014.

In the coming months, you will likely see tweaks and changes to the website. I have ideas for changing things just a bit as well as for the content I want to post. I have tried to get myself on a regular schedule of posting certain articles to both the site and the blog. However, my mind likes to travel down creative rabbit holes. I know many people recommend having a set regimen for posting. It's also a good idea to try to provide good content. I have decided to give up stressing out about a regular posting schedule. I am finding that, I am now more interested in what I am writing and therefore seem to have more posts written and scheduled. It's my hope that freeing myself from the dreaded schedule will help me to produce more quality content.

I am also continuing my goal to use more of my supplies and tools more effectively. Last year, I pared down my scrapbook budget quite a bit. I hope to pare it down a tad bit more this year. I have done even more rearranging of my creative space. Last year, I begin stash busting with I knew it would take time to fully implement the changes I desired. At this point, I am about 3/4 of the way through and I find I am using some of my supplies more. I posted my first organization video about my stamping supplies. I expect to be posting more organization videos soon.

I have also made it a point to participate in more challenges. It's something I really enjoyed but missed doing last year.

Chocolate Orange by Christy Strickler Supplies| Patterned Paper: Elle's Studio: Letters,Die Cuts: October Afternoon; Tape: Freckled Fawn; Sticker: Studio Calico: Snowflake Mold: Martha Stewart; Resin: Plaid

My goal is to make sure that my hobby remains fun for me. To that end, I submitted to be a guest for Simple Sketches.I had a great time with sketch #19 and broke some of my personal color rules when I made it.  January is all about breaking the rules over at Get It Scrapped, I decided to ignore my comfort zone.  So I managed to combine two challenges into one layout.

We'll see how things progress. I admit to having a tendency to want to do more than I am often capable  of actually doing. There is intent and then there is reality. It would be easy to get bogged down in the list of things I have not done. Over the course of 2013, I began focusing more on what I had completed versus what was still left to be finished. It's much more inspiring and I found that I was able to complete so much more with a positive attitude. I hope that all of you can do the same. I invite you to look at what you have done and are doing. It really makes you feel so much more grateful for what you have and appreciative of what you are capable of.

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  1. I think it's great to have goals, and especially ths kind, that help keep scrapbooking fun for you!! Love the colors you put together on this layout, Christy!!