Friday, September 27, 2013

LOAD in Vogue Blog Hop

Welcome to the LOAD in Vogue Blog Hop! You should have arrived here from Lynette's blog. She is the first stop on this hop and you sure don't want to miss here post! If you have never heard of LOAD, it stands for Layout a Day. Several times a year, a bunch of us get together for a challenge in which we do our best to create one layout every single day. This month, we'll be playing along at You must be a member of Scraphappy to play along. If you aren't a member, no worries. There is plenty of time to head over and join.

One of the benefits of being a member of Scraphappy is that you get to participate in every LOAD challenge for free. Usually, Lain Ehmann heads up the scrappy hijinx. During October, the members of the Scraphappy family give her a break. Lynette is just one of the fabulous ladies who step up to get the challenge organized. I say Scraphappy family because many of us have formed friendships. We all share a love of scrapbooking and we're just crazy enough to want to scrapbook almost all of the time.

Layout a Day is a series of prompts which are designed to take you deeper into your own process while also stepping outside your comfort zone. Several years back,I would have complained about being a slow scrapper. LOAD taught me how to make more decisive product and design choices which also led me to scrap faster. I have participated in LOAD for about 2 years now. Of the many challenges I have participated in, I have completed two.

While the point of the challenge is to create a lot of layouts and have fun, the biggest thing you need to remember is how this particular challenge really forces you to focus on what's important. The story becomes the main focus of your creative process because you can not stop to worry about whether or not there might be another perfect paper in your supplies. You learn to use what you have close at hand and to really make those products support the story. In short, LOAD is a great stash buster.

It does help to be prepared before you set out to create a layout a day. I like to make sure I have plenty of adhesive and cardstock in basic colors. I keep several kits close by and often have a set of photos ready to go. This month, I will be using up current and past JBS Mercantile kits. Having a set of papers and embellishments that match make LOAD less stressful. Knowing the theme may also help you gear your kits to match. Some LOAD's have focused on journaling style prompts. October's them is Vogue. To me, this means the prompts may be very visual in nature. I plan to kit some of the current trendy items to use on my layouts.

Don't let the challenges stress you out. It's easy for me to say that as a veteran. I can remember how much I would worry about getting a page done every day. Once I realized that this challenge is a creative learning exercise, I was really able to focus on learning more about my own process. Do your best to get a layout done every day. If you don't finish one, think about what held you back. Did you take too long to select supplies or photos? Do you need a go to design to use for quick layouts? Knowing the answers will help you become a more confident memory keeper.

I know you may have heard some of this advice before. If you still think you are a slow scrapbooker, the advice might not quite have clicked. LOAD is really the perfect place to have that eureka moment. Trust me when I say that participating in these challenges will really help your process out. Plus, you have the added bonus of meeting some truly wonderful people. I hope you will join me over at  Scraphappy!

It's time for you to hop on to Heather.  Just for reference, here is a list of all the participating hop members.










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  1. You make a great point about LOAD making you give up the search for the perfect product, and focus on story. You really do learn more about yourself as a scrapper by doing it!

  2. Christy...thank you so much for all of your great advice. With each sentence, I felt myself nodding my head in agreement. I look forward to scrapping with you this month. BTW, that is so cool that you are a guest designer at JBS. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenni twice at different scrapbook conventions. She is so sweet and so, so talented. She is lucky to have YOU on her DT.

  3. Great points, Christy! I remember being almost panicked during the start of my first LOAD - a lot more laid back now and love it ('though I still try my hardest to do one a day, sometimes life happens and that's OK).

  4. There's some great advice there for newbies and veterans alike. No double guessing yourself rings very true for me. Some months I've created the best pages and written the best stories and all that every day for a month. The only way thats possible is by going with the flow and learning to be happy with it. Looking forward to seeing you in the gallery.

  5. You are so right about learning more about your scrapping process with LOAD! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for these tips, Christy and I love that kitty layout! It's so true that you learn to be decisive and focus on the story. LOAD has changed me for life!

  7. Thank you for the tips Christy and the lovely layouts you show. Each LOAD I'm scrapping faster :)

  8. More great tips. I'll try to relax and just do it! And use up what I already have for supplies...they are taking over my craft space.

  9. While reading your post, I recalled how nervous I was during my first LO AD when we had to do a LO in 30 mins. I did not think it was possible. Since then I have done one in 12 minutes. I have greatly stretched and grown as a scrapper since becoming a member of the scrap happy family. Thanks for sharing and encouraging.

  10. Scrapping outside your box - the ultimate LOAD experience. You said it all perfectly!

  11. Yes, yes, yes! It's going to be such fun and I'm glad you are joining in. I love the push and challenges along the way.