Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekend Update: September Photo challenge and a Week in the Life

I meant to get to this post( and others) this week, but my allergies sidelined me a bit. That's part of a week in the life though. Having the cards ready to go and being in a prepared mindset has helped me to participate this week. I decided to incorporate some of the prompts from the Get It Scrapped September photo challenge into the event. Here are just a few snapshots which capture a small part of my family's week.

50 Shades of Grey is one of the Get It Scrapped Prompts. There is definitely a lot of grey in a cemetery. I am going to confess that I took this shot last month. However, we see it on a weekly basis as we drive around Nassau.

I like capturing flora and fauna as we go on our outings. I found a bush full of these little orange bugs. I can't be 100 % certain, but they may be some type of milkweed bug.

These bugs certainly fall under the category that Orange is the New Black.

I enjoy watching the birds here. If you sit quietly, they come and feed even if you are right there. I watched several of our local Bananquits find food on this hibiscus bush. He is definitely a good candidate for The Birds prompt.

Reading is truly a gift. This week, my son is reading to me. Books are something we have enjoyed from the time he was an infant.

 “Riddikulus!” Something I deal with weekly...a dryer that doesn't lock. So I have to use duct tape to keep the door shut. This week, our dryer sported hot pink duct tape.

We definitely had some great expectations after my husband booked us a cabana for the day at Atlantis. It's one of the projects he has worked on and though they have been open all summer, we had not yet gotten to try them out. They were booked solid for most of the summer. I guess you could say it was a successful project and might I add that I wasn't
disappointed in our cabana.

Cabana 21 was my home away from home for the day. It was an awesome end to the week. My husband chose a nice shady cabana which suited me perfectly. It was sort of like a little house in the big woods. Although I think I got pampered a lot more than Laura ever did.

Today, I was most definitely a wallflower. I spent some time in the waterpark with my husband and son, but mostly I just sat and relaxed in our cabana. I read Jot Magazine and part of the latest Masterful Scrapbook Design seminar.Having the time to recharge and just watch the world go by can definitely be a perk to being a wallflower.

There are so many divergent paths one can take on the river ride. In this spot, there are 2 choices: back around to the wave corridor or onward to the rapids. My boys chose the rapids. Our cabana sat at this intersection. I didn't even have to leave it to snap photos as my husband and son floated past.

Technically, week in the life has another day to go. At this point, I would be content to say that my week has ended on a high note. I will be working on my week in the life pages to include in my Project Life spreads for this month.

If you didn't take part in Ali Edwards A week in the Life Project, that's ok. You can try it out anytime you please. In fact, it helps to mix the project during different months of each year so that you can get a different perspective on things.
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  1. Oh wow on the cabana! It looks like it was heavenly. I had to LOL at the hot pink duct tape. It's pink, so it's awesome. :) Wonderful photos!

  2. Little jealous of the cabana here. I have to say the pink duct tape had me giggling even though I am sure you are not when you fight it on a weekly/more basis!

  3. great pics! i know it must annoy you, but the hot pink duct tape on the dryer is so cute! ha!