Sunday, September 1, 2013

Get It Scrapped: Photo a Day Challenge Part Three

This will be my last post of the August photos. There were a few prompts I didn't complete, however, I found this challenge to be a great way to really add to my Project Life photos for August.  Doris has made another wonderful set of prompts for September. This month, it's more of a list of photos versus a photo a day. I think we all agreed this was easier for us and more inspiring.

Water Works:  Conch is a common dish here. We have roadside stands that sell it. Some boats will pull up to the docks and sell it to you as well. I have never bought it from a stand. I usually just get mine prepared at a restaurant. The locals make a conch salad which is composed of raw conch soaked in lemon juice with chopped peppers and onions. It's also served in a fritter which is similar to hush puppies. I enjoy conch chowder ( think clam chowder but with chopped conch)or fried conch.

Lemon: Lemon poppyseed muffins. A rare treat as we don't get poppyseeds very often here.

Bloom where you are planted: One of the giant trees we see around the island. I wonder if someone planted them with purpose or if they just grew there. Clearly, they have been there a very long time.

Clearly: It's very clear to me that this is an ambush just waiting to happen.

Frame: a frame created by our windshield wipers as we approach the tollbooth.

Don't Bug Me: My son found this spider in the bushes on one of our walks.

If you are one of those people who feel like you might not have enough photos for PL pages, then a photo challenge just might be the thing for you. It certainly had me looking around my home city with fresh eyes this month. Don't forget to get the list from the Get it Scrapped Forum.

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  1. another awesome set! i've learned so much about your island!

  2. I think if we ever have a Get It Scrapped meet up, we need to do it at your house, Christy. LOL Your clearly made me laugh because I am all too familiar with that site. I have really enjoyed your month of photos.