Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tales of a Craft Class Junkie: Guided Study Critique

I am going to admit that I thought I knew enough after the first 3 sessions. I was wrong. Even though we are revisiting past topics, I am learning more about my process and about design. I love this series! Not to mention the fun I have with Doris Sander, Celeste SmithDebbie Hodge and my classmates. I can't share the layouts yet. Often you end up seeing them in my DT assignments. I apply what I learn as I work. The wonderful thing about any of the Get It Scrapped series of classes is that you choose the supplies and the topics you want to document.

It might be a little late to get in on this round of Guided Study Critiques. However, you can bide your time with one of the other great classes available. And yes...I am taking them all!

I am currently finishing up the Oomph and Polish seminar with Masterful Scrapbook Design. This seminar has really helped me analyze how I complete my layouts. I feel like I am more aware of how I embellish and when I need to stop adding things. Debbie has added a new concept to the hours. You get to sit and discuss what you have learned. You can even submit your own layouts during office hours and get a critique to help you understand the design concepts better.

I love watching others in their scrapbook process. This series does just that but it also does so while explaining design concepts. You get to watch a video which shows you how the layout is made. You can follow along with your own supplies to create a layout using the concepts you are learning.

I have gone though the whole series but I am going back. I just redid the story section and the tension sections. The more you practice, the better you get, right? I have noticed small improvements in my work. Debbie does such a great job of isolating each concept, then bringing them all back together for you.

Since I was busy in March, I neglected a few of my other class choices from earlier in the year. I will be updating those, hopefully with sample layouts in upcoming posts. Meanwhile, I have some learning and scrapping to do. See you in class!

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